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Change log for Android SDK Tools.
Revision 20:
- Ant build system:
- Ant build system:
* the location of the SDK can now be set through the ANDROID_HOME
environment variable (requires updating the project's build.xml file)
* Fixed issues with compilation, deployment of test projects and running tests.
Both separate test projects and self-contained app+test projects now work.
* Aidl files from library projects are now in the import list.
Revision 19:
- Fix GPU rendering
Revision 18:
* Fix Ant issues where some jar libraries in libs/ are not picked in some
* New version of SdkController
Revision 17:
* Bug fixes.
* ProGuard updated to version 4.7. In addition to many new features,
this will fix the "Conversion to Dalvik format failed with error 1"
error some users have experienced.
* The default proguard.cfg file has been updated with better
* Lint now checks Java code, and checks which previously performed
pattern based searches in the Java code (such as the unused resource
check) have been rewritten to use the more accurate Java parse
* Lint supports library projects, so for example the unused resource
check will properly handle resources declared in a library project
and referenced in a downstream project.
* Lint warnings can be suppressed in Java code with the new
@SuppressLint annotation, and in XML files with the new tools:
namespace and ignore-attribute.
* New lint checks:
* Find Android API calls that require a version of Android higher
than the minimum supported version. You can use the new @TargetApi
annotation to specify local overrides for conditionally loaded
* Find object allocations within onDraw, onMeasure and onLayout
* Find usages of HashMap<Integer,X> which can be replaced by the
more efficient SparseArray, SparseIntArray or SparseBooleanArray
* Find typos in XML namespace declarations, as well as unused custom
namespace declarations and usages of custom namespaces in library
projects which do not yet work
* Find manifest files which declare more than one <uses-sdk>
elements, or which fail to declare minSdkVersion or
* Check dialog button order such that OK/Cancel are in the right
order (depending on the target version of Android), that they are
using the standard case ("OK", not "Ok" or "ok" etc), and that
there aren't any Back buttons.
* Check menus to ensure that they are using "ifRoom" instead of
"always" for the showAsAction attribute (unless it's used
* Find hardcoded android:debuggable attributes on <application>
elements. This can lead to accidentally leaving debug information
in published applications.
* Find errors in format strings. This includes inconsistencies
between translated versions, as well as incompatible types
declared in XML and supplied in the String.format call in Java.
* Find incorrect casts in Java code where the cast is incompatible
with the view type declared in XML layouts.
* Find hardcoded references to "/sdcard" in Java code; these should
be using Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory().getPath()
* Find "import android.R" statements in Java code, which can lead to
confusing compilation error messages
* Find Java code which creates world-writeable files (which can lead
to security problems)
* Find references to private resources (which can lead to runtime
errors on devices that do not provide the resource, since private
resources may disappear any time, and may not be present on all
* Find invalid @id references (where for example a RelativeLayout
references an id that does not exist anywhere). If no match is
found, it looks for spelling mistakes and suggests other similar
ids in the error message.
* Finds method calls to java.lang.Math where a float variable is
cast to a double and/or the return value is cast to a float, and
suggests replacing it with the equivalent android.util.FloatMath
* Finds calls to a getter on the same class where a field could be
accessed instead.
* Find XML files using a different encoding format than UTF-8, since
this can lead to subtle bugs (and lint was fixed to properly use
the specified encoding)
* Find XML resource files that contain text which should not be
there (such as in layouts). This can identify accidentally
malformed documents which happen to be valid XML, such as a
missing "<" tag opening character.
* Find style references which lead to cycles, such as extending
Revision 16:
* New "lint" tool which scans Android project trees for potential
problems such as missing translations, duplicate ids between layouts
that include each other, using px instead of dp units, hardcoded
strings, missing contentDescriptions, obsolete Proguard
configuration files, etc. For a full list of available issues run
"lint --show" (and see eclipse/changes.txt for further details).
* layoutopt was removed; its functionality is replaced by the new lint
Revision 14:
- Build performance improvements:
* resource compilation and packaging now properly use dependency to only
be executed if a resource changed.
* Optimized resource compilation for projects with libraries. This should
speed up this phase significantly for large projects with libraries.
* PNG files that are optimized during resource packaging are now cached
and only re-optimized if they changed instead of doing at every build.
- New library project mechanism:
Revision 13:
Revision 12: (07/2011):
- The AVD manager and emulator can now use system images compiled for ARM v7 and
x86 CPUs.
Revision 11 (05/2011):
- See eclipse/changes.txt for ADT related changes.
Revision 10 (02/2011):
- The tools now automatically generate Java Programming Language
source files (in the gen directory) and bytecode (in the res/raw
directory) from your native .rs files
Revision 9 (01/2011):
- Fix packaging issue that broke draw9patch
- Ant build rules will now check the Ant version and fail if it's older than 1.8
- Fix "folder locked" errors when installing packages in SDK Manager on Windows.
- Support https proxy when installing from SDK Manager.
- SDK Manager now suggests to install missing base platform for add-ons.
- Default proguard config file changes:
* ignore classes extending android.preference.Preference
* ignore classes extending
- Ant lib rules now allow for overriding java.encoding, java.source, and
- Default encoding for Ant javac is now UTF-8
- Logcat view in DDMS now properly displays UTF-8 characters.
Revision 8 (12/2010):
- New SDK component: platform-tools. This makes all platforms use the same
latest version of aapt/aidl/dx.
- Support for true debug build. No need to change the value of debuggable in
the Android Manifest.
"ant debug" will automatically insert debuggable==true, while "ant release"
will not.
If debuggable=true is set, then "ant release" will actually do a debug build.
- Automatic Proguard support in release builds. Only need to have a proguard.config
property in that points to a proguard config file.
- new overridable Ant javac properties: java.encoding, java.source, and
(default to "ascii", "1.5" and "1.5")
Revision 7 (09/2010):
- Support for Ant rules provided by the Tools components (override the one in
the platform component)
- Added support for libraries with library dependencies.
- Support for aidl files in library projects.
- Support for extension targets in Ant build to perform tasks between the
normal tasks: -pre-build, -pre-compile, -post-compile.
- Headless SDK update. See 'android -h update sdk' for more info.
- Fixed location control in DDMS to work in any locale not using '.' as a
decimal point.
Revision 6 (05/2010)
- Support for library project to share code/resources among projects
- Updated Ant rules and custom tasks
- New "android create lib-project", "android update lib-project" actions.
- New parameter for "android update project"
Revision 5 (03/2010):
- AVD/SDK Manager:
- Fixed SSL download for the standalone version of the SDK Updater.
- Fixed issue with 64bit JVM on windows.
- Add support for samples components.
- improved support for dependency between components.
- AVDs now sorted by API level.
- Prevent deletion of running AVDs.
- Settings are now automatically saved, no need to click Apply.
- Emulator now requires sd card to be 9MB and above.
- Fixed layoutopt.bat to correctly execute on Windows.