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  1. 855a7ea adblib: simplify transport ID tracking by Renaud Paquay · 32 hours ago mirror-goog-studio-main
  2. d2b2e51 LE: Use unique_ptr to hold TransformCache by Fabien Sanglard · 2 days ago
  3. 1561849 adblib: Remove "dev" from SocketSpec by Renaud Paquay · 34 hours ago
  4. 78fe23b adblib: Implement reverse socket connection services by Renaud Paquay · 12 days ago
  5. 375079b Add android:localeConfig attribute to ManifestModel by Stephen Atwood · 4 days ago


This project contains:

  • Common libraries that are shared between any of the IDE (Android Studio), the build system (The Android Gradle Plugin) and SDK components that will be released from studio-main (e.g. the standalone SDK manager). This includes:
    • Instant-run-libraries
    • SDK management libraries
    • The manifest merger
    • Common libraries
    • Common test utilites
  • The build system
  • The new profiler