Merge remote-tracking branch 'aosp/upstream-master' into update-shaderc

806af25f Merge pull request #1442 from dneto0/use-forked-android-ndk-repo
e7f9caea Errors and Build: Fix build warnings, which also improved error messages.
4aeca2df NDK build: Use NDK r17b and its own CMake toolchain file
b75c7065 Travis CI: Fix comments disabling code.
e5b27660 Merge pull request #1440 from dneto0/later-android
3541d8a5 Travis-CI: Use Android NDK r13b specifically
8dafeab4 Merge pull request #1438 from Think-Silicon/getUniformStages
0ea33a26 Non-functional: Retrigger bots; the previous failure looks suspicious.
cf6bd066 HLSL: Fix #1432: Globally initialize local static variables.
f556e5da Reflection exposes the Shader Stages where a Uniform is present
64315a8a Merge pull request #1434 from antiagainst/fix-spirv-tools-header
a2c39a29 Use public SPIRV-Tools header
cd57b4ba Merge pull request #1431 from KhronosGroup/implement-8-16-bit-storage
312dcfb0 Implement GL_EXT_shader_16bit_storage and GL_EXT_shader_8bit_storage extensions.
eefab240 Bump revision.
dccfeedf HLSL: Fix #1423: implement CalculateLevelOfDetailUnclamped().
ab8960fd Merge pull request #1416 from aejsmith/samplerless-texture-functions
513cc4cf Merge branch 'HaydnTrigg-patch-1'
c88edb13 Merge branch 'patch-1' of into HaydnTrigg-patch-1
5e701954 Merge pull request #1420 from KhronosGroup/spir-dis
e2156222 SPV: Add option to print disassembly in standard form using SPIRV-Tools.
6d61684f Bump revision.
802c62bc PP: Rationalize return values of MacroExpand.
9cc81de0 PP/HLSL: Fix #1424: support comma in nested curly braces for macro arg
e47bfaed Add support for GL_EXT_samplerless_texture_functions
e826286f Constant.cpp Floating point divide by zero
0b964b3c Merge pull request #1419 from tgjones/spirv-remap-artifact
9177e05f Include spirv-remap.exe in AppVeyor artifacts
ef1f899b Merge pull request #1413 from karl-lunarg/fix-update
fa403b96 script: Improve update sources script
16cf5a5d Merge pull request #1411 from KhronosGroup/fix-literal-warnings
866f6714 Build: Make literal casting have fewer warnings and be more consistent.
5fe506a8 Merge pull request #1409 from greg-lunarg/remap3
c6831d1e Add support for OpConstantNull and OpConstantSampler to spirv-remap
c99304c5 Bump revision.
2a805d9c Revert "GLSL: Fix #1279: refract does not have a double-type eta."
bea08fe0 Merge pull request #1405 from Igalia/nroberts/amb-arrays
1d024b53 Take into account arrays of opaque types when reserving bindings
2c8265bb GLSL: Fix #1358: Support "struct name", where name could be a user type
1ea8f595 Merge pull request #1402 from greg-lunarg/kg21
ff50b9fb Update spirv-tools known-good
7dc1a989 Merge pull request #1401 from dneto0/bad-e11
617d1b12 Relax a stringToDouble test for, OSX AppleClang 9.1
ba018e67 SPV: Fix #1399 emit ImageGatherExtended when using ConstOffsets operand
ad7645f4 Fix #1360: uint->int width conversions must still be typed as uint.
14b85d3f Fix #1395: GLSL volatile maps to SPIR-V Volatile and Coherent.
d6c97557 Change the major revision number for next commit.
a7eb582a Bump revision.
9c3fde7f Merge pull request #1397 from LoopDawg/warning-fix-4
470a68cf Fix several signed/unsigned comparison compile warnings.

Testing: on Linux; unit tests on Windows
Change-Id: Ifd09865436af7b700f235c7e93a83f208d63c69b