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#!/bin/sed -f
# This script filters out gcc-wall crud that we're not interested in seeing.
/^cc /d
/^kcc /d
/^gcc /d
/does not support `long long'/d
/forbids long long integer constants/d
/does not support the `ll' length modifier/d
/does not support the `ll' printf length modifier/d
/ANSI C forbids long long integer constants/d
/traditional C rejects string concatenation/d
/integer constant is unsigned in ANSI C, signed with -traditional/d
/ISO C forbids conversion of object pointer to function pointer type/,+2d
/ISO C does not support __FUNCTION__ predefined identifier/d
/At top level:/d
/In file included from/d
/In function `.*':/d
/zero-length format string/d
/warning: (near initialization for/d
/^[ ]*from/d