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* s390 CCW Assignment Support
* Copyright 2017 IBM Corp.
* Author(s): Dong Jia Shi <>
* Xiao Feng Ren <>
* This work is licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL, version 2 or (at
* your option) any later version. See the COPYING file in the top-level
* directory.
#ifndef HW_S390_CCW_H
#define HW_S390_CCW_H
#include "hw/s390x/ccw-device.h"
#define TYPE_S390_CCW "s390-ccw"
#define S390_CCW_DEVICE(obj) \
OBJECT_CHECK(S390CCWDevice, (obj), TYPE_S390_CCW)
#define S390_CCW_DEVICE_CLASS(klass) \
OBJECT_CLASS_CHECK(S390CCWDeviceClass, (klass), TYPE_S390_CCW)
#define S390_CCW_DEVICE_GET_CLASS(obj) \
OBJECT_GET_CLASS(S390CCWDeviceClass, (obj), TYPE_S390_CCW)
typedef struct S390CCWDevice {
CcwDevice parent_obj;
CssDevId hostid;
char *mdevid;
} S390CCWDevice;
typedef struct S390CCWDeviceClass {
CCWDeviceClass parent_class;
void (*realize)(S390CCWDevice *dev, char *sysfsdev, Error **errp);
void (*unrealize)(S390CCWDevice *dev, Error **errp);
IOInstEnding (*handle_request) (SubchDev *sch);
} S390CCWDeviceClass;