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# Copyright (C) 2008 The Android Open Source Project
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
import os
import optparse
import platform
import re
import sys
from error import NoSuchProjectError
from error import InvalidProjectGroupsError
class Command(object):
"""Base class for any command line action in repo.
common = False
manifest = None
_optparse = None
def WantPager(self, opt):
return False
def ReadEnvironmentOptions(self, opts):
""" Set options from environment variables. """
env_options = self._RegisteredEnvironmentOptions()
for env_key, opt_key in env_options.items():
# Get the user-set option value if any
opt_value = getattr(opts, opt_key)
# If the value is set, it means the user has passed it as a command
# line option, and we should use that. Otherwise we can try to set it
# with the value from the corresponding environment variable.
if opt_value is not None:
env_value = os.environ.get(env_key)
if env_value is not None:
setattr(opts, opt_key, env_value)
return opts
def OptionParser(self):
if self._optparse is None:
me = 'repo %s' % self.NAME
usage = self.helpUsage.strip().replace('%prog', me)
except AttributeError:
usage = 'repo %s' % self.NAME
self._optparse = optparse.OptionParser(usage = usage)
return self._optparse
def _Options(self, p):
"""Initialize the option parser.
def _RegisteredEnvironmentOptions(self):
"""Get options that can be set from environment variables.
Return a dictionary mapping environment variable name
to option key name that it can override.
Example: {'REPO_MY_OPTION': 'my_option'}
Will allow the option with key value 'my_option' to be set
from the value in the environment variable named 'REPO_MY_OPTION'.
Note: This does not work properly for options that are explicitly
set to None by the user, or options that are defined with a
default value other than None.
return {}
def Usage(self):
"""Display usage and terminate.
def Execute(self, opt, args):
"""Perform the action, after option parsing is complete.
raise NotImplementedError
def _ResetPathToProjectMap(self, projects):
self._by_path = dict((p.worktree, p) for p in projects)
def _UpdatePathToProjectMap(self, project):
self._by_path[project.worktree] = project
def _GetProjectByPath(self, path):
project = None
if os.path.exists(path):
oldpath = None
while path \
and path != oldpath \
and path != self.manifest.topdir:
project = self._by_path[path]
except KeyError:
oldpath = path
path = os.path.dirname(path)
project = self._by_path[path]
except KeyError:
return project
def GetProjects(self, args, missing_ok=False, submodules_ok=False):
"""A list of projects that match the arguments.
all_projects_list = self.manifest.projects
result = []
mp = self.manifest.manifestProject
groups = mp.config.GetString('manifest.groups')
if not groups:
groups = 'default,platform-' + platform.system().lower()
groups = [x for x in re.split(r'[,\s]+', groups) if x]
if not args:
derived_projects = {}
for project in all_projects_list:
if submodules_ok or project.sync_s:
derived_projects.update((, p)
for p in project.GetDerivedSubprojects())
for project in all_projects_list:
if ((missing_ok or project.Exists) and
for arg in args:
projects = self.manifest.GetProjectsWithName(arg)
if not projects:
path = os.path.abspath(arg).replace('\\', '/')
project = self._GetProjectByPath(path)
# If it's not a derived project, update path->project mapping and
# search again, as arg might actually point to a derived subproject.
if (project and not project.Derived and
(submodules_ok or project.sync_s)):
search_again = False
for subproject in project.GetDerivedSubprojects():
search_again = True
if search_again:
project = self._GetProjectByPath(path) or project
if project:
projects = [project]
if not projects:
raise NoSuchProjectError(arg)
for project in projects:
if not missing_ok and not project.Exists:
raise NoSuchProjectError(arg)
if not project.MatchesGroups(groups):
raise InvalidProjectGroupsError(arg)
def _getpath(x):
return x.relpath
return result
def FindProjects(self, args):
result = []
patterns = [re.compile(r'%s' % a, re.IGNORECASE) for a in args]
for project in self.GetProjects(''):
for pattern in patterns:
if or
result.sort(key=lambda project: project.relpath)
return result
# pylint: disable=W0223
# Pylint warns that the `InteractiveCommand` and `PagedCommand` classes do not
# override method `Execute` which is abstract in `Command`. Since that method
# is always implemented in classes derived from `InteractiveCommand` and
# `PagedCommand`, this warning can be suppressed.
class InteractiveCommand(Command):
"""Command which requires user interaction on the tty and
must not run within a pager, even if the user asks to.
def WantPager(self, opt):
return False
class PagedCommand(Command):
"""Command which defaults to output in a pager, as its
display tends to be larger than one screen full.
def WantPager(self, opt):
return True
# pylint: enable=W0223
class MirrorSafeCommand(object):
"""Command permits itself to run within a mirror,
and does not require a working directory.