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Android Clang/LLVM Toolchain

For the latest version of this doc, please make sure to visit: Android Clang/LLVM Toolchain Readme Doc

You can also visit the Android Clang/LLVM Prebuilts Readme Doc for more information about our prebuilt toolchains (and what versions they are based upon).

Build Instructions

$ mkdir llvm-toolchain && cd llvm-toolchain
$ repo init -u https://android.googlesource.com/platform/manifest -b llvm-toolchain
$ repo sync -c
$ python toolchain/llvm_android/build.py

If building on Linux, pass --no-build windows to build.py to skip building Clang for Windows.

If you have an additional llvm tree built and present in your $PATH, then build.py might fail during the Windows build of libcxxabi with the error 'libstdc++ version must be at least 4.8.'. The solution is to remove that path from your $PATH before invoking build.py.

More Information

We have a public mailing list that you can subscribe to: android-llvm@googlegroups.com