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Changes in version 1.2.3
* Fixed bug in convertBytesToLong method in the BinaryUtils class.
* Added OSGi bundle metadata (contributed by Dave LeBlanc).
* Updated documentation to explain why setSeed does nothing for any of the
Changes in version 1.2.2
* Fixed serialisation of MersenneTwisterRNG and CellularAutomatonRNG.
* Made XORShiftRNG and CMWC4096RNG thread-safe.
* Added source JAR to distribution.
Changes in version 1.2.1
* Converted internal state of XORShiftRNG from an array to five separate
fields. This results in improved performance. Optimisation suggested by Jos
* Optimised the Probability class so that it doesn't make an RNG call when the
probability is 1.
* Added swapSubstring method to enable efficient exchange of data between two
Changes in verison 1.2
* Added two new fast PRNGs (CMWC and XOR). CMWC provides a very long period
and the XOR RNG is twice as fast as the Mersenne Twister. See
for descriptions.
* Fixed RandomDotOrgSeedGenerator so that it can generate seeds > 1kb in size.
* Changed RandomDotOrgSeedGenerator so that it uses HTTPS for communicating
with the website (ISSUE#9).
* Introduced the Probability class, a new numeric type. This immutatble value
type encapsulates a probability value between zero and one. The class
enforces the 0..1 bounds and provides convenient methods for working with
* Added Rational type to enable arithmetic on rational numbers without loss of
* Added restrictRange methods to Maths class. These adjust a given value so
that it falls between specified minimum and maximum values.
* Made caching of BigInteger factorials thread-safe.
Changes in version 1.1
* PermutationGenerator and CombinationGenerator now implement
java.lang.Iterable (ISSUE#1).
* Moved PermutationGenerator and CombinationGenerator into new combinatorics
* Moved NumberGenerator and its implementations into new number package.
* Added demo program for different probability distributions (ISSUE#2).
* Added method to the DataSet class for calculating the harmonic mean.
* RNGs no longer log any information to stdout (ISSUE#7) by default.
The DefaultSeedGenerator class will log the seeds that it generates
only if the org.uncommons.maths.random.debug System property is set to true.
* Relaxed restriction on the maximum size of the element set used by
CombinationGenerator. The maximum was 20 but bigger sets are now permitted
as long as the total number of combinations is no more than 2^63 (ISSUE#8).
* Added a cache for BigInteger factorial values. This avoids expensive
recalculation in code that repeatedly computes factorials.
Changes in version 1.0.2
* Added generator for exponential distribution.
* Fixed possibility of out-of-range values in continuous uniform generator.
* Modified AESCounterRNG to allow seed size (AES key size) to be specified.
Defaults to 128-bits. 192-bits and 256-bits are supported but they require
the unlimited strength cryptography policy files (available from Sun) to be
installed on the local machine.
Changes in version 1.0.1
* Added minimum, maximum and median methods to DataSet class.
* Fixed logic around zero-length combinations and permutations.
* Improved unit test coverage.