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#include <isl/set.h>
#include <isl_morph.h>
#if defined(__cplusplus)
extern "C" {
/* Data for factorizing a particular basic set.
* After applying "morph" to the basic set, there are "n_group"
* groups of consecutive set variables, each of length "len[i]",
* with 0 <= i < n_group.
* If no factorization is possible, then "n_group" is set to 0.
struct isl_factorizer {
isl_morph *morph;
int n_group;
int *len;
typedef struct isl_factorizer isl_factorizer;
__isl_give isl_factorizer *isl_basic_set_factorizer(
__isl_keep isl_basic_set *bset);
void isl_factorizer_free(__isl_take isl_factorizer *f);
void isl_factorizer_dump(__isl_take isl_factorizer *f, FILE *out);
#if defined(__cplusplus)