Update git submodules

* Update frameworks/support from branch 'androidx-master-dev'
  to 700597c371e8353dbc25d0095a203c9ab0c130c7
  - Merge "Make configureViewPolicy accessible to SliceView subclasses." into androidx-master-dev
  - Make configureViewPolicy accessible to SliceView subclasses.
    Test: Tested in Slice Viewer
    Relnote: Make configureViewPolicy  protected instead of private so it can be called from subclasses.
    Change-Id: I6772b328f34d4b38e2be7d3b2c6b563467860cd0
diff --git a/frameworks/support b/frameworks/support
index 2b73d38..700597c 160000
--- a/frameworks/support
+++ b/frameworks/support
@@ -1 +1 @@
-Subproject commit 2b73d3897d34138a3fe55e1f81d98bd81ede690f
+Subproject commit 700597c371e8353dbc25d0095a203c9ab0c130c7