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AOA Helper

Java utility which allows a host computer to act as a USB host to an Android device using Android Open Accessory Protocol 2.0. The host can then send commands (e.g. clicks, swipes, keystrokes, and more) to a connected device without the need for ADB.


Connect to a device using its serial number.

try (UsbHelper usb = new UsbHelper();
     AoaDevice device = usb.getAoaDevice(serialNumber)) {
    // ...

Perform gestures using coordinates (0 <= x <= 360 and 0 <= y <= 640). Point(0, 0));
device.swipe(new Point(0, 0), new Point(360, 640), Duration.ofMillis(100));

Write alphanumeric text or press key combinations using USB HID usages.

device.pressKeys(new AoaKey(0x04, AoaKey.Modifier.SHIFT), new AoaKey(0x52));

Press the power device.wakeUp(), home device.goHome(), or back device.goBack() buttons.


Run the unit tests using atest aoa-helper-test --host.