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Trade Federation (TF / Tradefed)

TF is a test harness used to drive Android automated testing. It runs on test hosts and monitors the connected devices, handling test scheduling & execution and device management.

Other test harnesses like Compatibility Test Suite (CTS) and Vendor Test Suite (VTS) use TF as a basis and extend it for their particular needs.

Building TF:

  • source build/
  • tapas tradefed-all
  • make -j8

Getting Code Reviewed

1. Create your change in Gerrit
2. Add the reviewer named "Tradefed Codereview" (email:
3. Review the code review guidance at go/tf-guidelines and go/tradefed-code-reviews
4. GWSQ should add a couple of people from the team to review your code and give feedback.

More information

More information at:

See more details about Tradefed Architecture at:

If you are a tests writer you should start looking in the test_framework/ component which contains everything needed to write a tests in Tradefed.