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  1. health/
  2. metrics/
  3. reporters/
  4. tests/
  5. utils/
  7. config.json

This folder contains tools to be used in the testing lab.

NOTE: The config.json file in this folder contains random values - for the full config file, look at the corresponding folder in google3

Python dependencies:

  • subprocess32
  • shellescape
  • psutil
  • IPy

Metrics that can be gathered, listed by name of file and then key to response dict:

  • adb_hash: env: whether $ADB_VENDOR_KEYS is set (bool) hash: hash of keys in $ADB_VENDOR_KEYS (string)
  • cpu: cpu: list of CPU core percents (float)
  • disk: total: total space in 1k blocks (int) used: total used in 1k blocks (int) avail: total available in 1k blocks (int) percent_used: percentage space used (0-100) (int)
  • name: name: system's hostname(string)
  • network: connected: whether the network is connected (list of bools)
  • num_users: num_users: number of users (int)
  • process_time: adb_processes, fastboot_processes: a list of (PID, serialnumber) tuples num_adb_processes, num_fastboot_processes: the number of tuples in the previous lists
  • ram: total: total physical RAM available in KB (int) used: total RAM used by system in KB (int) free: total RAM free for new process in KB (int) buffers: total RAM buffered by different applications in KB cached: total RAM for caching of data in KB
  • read: cached_read_rate: cached reads in MB/sec (float) buffered_read_rate: buffered disk reads in MB/sec (float)
  • system_load: load_avg_1_min: system load average for past 1 min (float) load_avg_5_min: system load average for past 5 min (float) load_avg_15_min: system load average for past 15 min (float)
  • time: date_time: system date and time (string)
  • time_sync: is_synchronized: whether NTP synchronized (bool)
  • uptime: time_seconds: uptime in seconds (float)
  • usb: devices: a list of Device objects, each with name of device, number of bytes transferred, and the usb bus number/device id.
  • verify: unauthorized: list of phone sn‘s that are unauthorized offline: list of phone sn’s that are offline recovery: list of phone sn‘s that are in recovery mode question: list of phone sn’s in ??? mode device: list of phone sn's that are in device mode total: total number of offline, recovery, question or unauthorized devices
  • version: fastboot_version: which version of fastboot (string) adb_version: which version of adb (string) python_version: which version of python (string) kernel_version: which version of kernel (string)
  • zombie: adb_zombies, fastboot_zombies, other_zombies: lists of (PID, serial number) tuples num_adb_zombies, num_fastboot_zombies, num_other_zombies: int