blob: 7043f84acebb4aa9d4dbd590a6327a59cfd2d49e [file] [log] [blame] = MOTODEV Studio for Android Two-Phase Installer Plug-in
plugin.provider = Motorola Mobility, Inc.
open2PICommandName = Download components...
open2PICommandDescription = Download SDKs and more
open2PICommandMnemonic = C
sdk_download_page = SDK
add_ons_page = Add-ons
samples_page = Samples
ndk_page = Native Support
sdk_download_page_description = Install new Android SDKs or configure the use of an existing one.
add_ons_page_description = Install new SDK add-ons
samples_page_description = Install platform samples
ndk_page_description = Enable Native Development Kit support = Update MOTODEV Studio... = Update MOTODEV Studio
other_page_description=Download other components
other_page=Other Components
library_page=Third-Party Libraries
library_page_description=Download third-party libraries for use by your applications