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<title>Run Configurations dialog</title>
<shortdesc>A run configuration brings together all of the information needed to run a specific executable on a
specific device instance, making it simple to repeatedly run that executable on that device instance.</shortdesc>
<p>You can create different <term>run configurations</term> in order to run or debug <ph product="webui"
>WebUI</ph><ph product="android-studio">Android</ph> applications<ph product="webui"> or widgets</ph> on real
or emulated devices. A run configuration encapsulates all of the information relating to a single execution
scenario into a single entity. It identifies not only the specific <ph product="webui">package within a
particular </ph>project to be run, but the device on which it is to be run. By creating multiple run
configurations, you can quickly and easily switch between them to try out different scenarios.</p>
<p>The Run Configurations dialog appears when you select <uicontrol>Run Configurations</uicontrol> from the
<uicontrol>Run</uicontrol> menu and then either create or select an existing <uicontrol>Android Application
using Studio for Android</uicontrol> configuration.</p>
<stentry>Specifies the project that contains the application to be run. </stentry>
<strow product="webui">
<stentry>Specifies the package that corresponds to the application to be run. The package can either be a
<codeph>.descriptor</codeph> or a <codeph>.mpkg</codeph> file. </stentry>
<stentry>Specifies the device instance on which the application should run. This can be either a real or an
emulated device.</stentry>
<strow product="webui">
<stentry>Specifies the certificate to be used to sign the application before transferring it to the device. If
the chosen instance is a MOTOMAGX Emulator, this field is disabled; you can only specify a certificate if
the run configuration is for a physical device.</stentry>
<strow product="android-studio">
<stentry>Specifies the activity that should be launched, if any. Often you will just want the default activity
to be launched, but you can specify a specific activity by selecting <uicontrol>Launch</uicontrol> and
indicating the activity to be launched. If the project should be installed but not run (as might be in the
case of a widget), select <uicontrol>Do Nothing</uicontrol>.</stentry>