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<task xml:lang="en-us" id="t_app-deploying_javame">
<title>Installing an application on a device</title>
<shortdesc>Describes how to deploy a packaged Android application onto a real or emulated Android device.</shortdesc>
<note type="important">The target device must be listed in the Device Management view, and it must be online. If
you are deploying to an emulated device, that emulator must be running. If you are deploying to an Android
handset, it must be connected to your development computer.</note>
<cmd>Click the <uicontrol>Device Management</uicontrol> tab, if necessary, to bring forward the Device
Management view.</cmd>
<cmd>Install the app by dragging and dropping its APK onto a running AVD or connected handset listed in the
Device Management view (note that you can use this technique to install multiple APKs by selecting them all
and then dragging and dropping the group onto the listed device). Alternatively, you can do the following:</cmd>
<cmd>Right-click the device to which the application is to be deployed.</cmd>
<cmd>From the menu that appears, select <uicontrol>Install App</uicontrol>.</cmd>
<stepresult>The Install Application dialog appears.</stepresult>
<cmd>Using the <uicontrol>Application package</uicontrol> field, select the APK file to be installed.</cmd>
<info>If the APK file is not properly signed for the target device, the dialog will indicate that the
package is either unsigned or malformed. You cannot proceed if this is the case.</info>
<cmd>Specify what MOTODEV Studio for Android should do if a version of the application already exists on the
target device.</cmd>
<li>If MOTODEV Studio can safely overwrite any existing version of the application, select <uicontrol
>Overwrite if application already exists</uicontrol>.</li>
<li>To have any previous version of the application uninstalled before installing this new one, select
<uicontrol>Uninstall application before install</uicontrol>.</li>
<li>If you do not want an existing version of the application overwritten--that is, if you only want the
application deployed to the device if it does not already reside on the device--select the <uicontrol
>Do nothing if application is already installed</uicontrol> option.</li>
<cmd>Click <uicontrol>Finish</uicontrol>.</cmd>
<result>The application is transferred to the chosen device, unless the application already exists on the device and
you elected not to overwrite it, in which case an error message will be generated.</result>