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<reference id="u_appvalidator-prefs-devices" xml:lang="en-us">
<title>Android App Validator preferences - Devices tab</title>
<shortdesc>Allows you to specify which devices, if any, an app should be validated against when the Android App
Validator is run.</shortdesc>
<section>The list box on this tab lists all devices for which validation criteria is known. By default, all devices
are selected, meaning that when the App Validator is run it will validate the app against all of the
listed devices. If you don't intend your app to run on certain devices (tablets, for instance, or small-screen
devices) you can clear the appropriate checkboxes to prevent the App Validator from generating error or
warning messages for those devices. Note that although the device list is initially sorted by device name, you can
click the <uicontrol>Screen Size</uicontrol> or <uicontrol>Pixel Density</uicontrol> column headings to sort the
list by the selected criteria, making it easier to select or eliminate devices by their screen specifications.
Finally, note the <uicontrol>Select/deselect all</uicontrol> control beneath the list, which allows you to quickly
select or clear the list of devices for which the app will be validated.</section>