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<task id="t_app-validating-command-line" xml:lang="en-us">
<title>Validating an application from the command line</title>
<shortdesc>The App Validator can be run from the command-line as well as from within Eclipse. This enables you
to run the validator as part of your automated build process.</shortdesc>
<cmd>From the command-line, or from within your build script, invoke the appvalidator script located in the
MOTODEV Studio for Android installation directory. Note that on Microsoft Windows the script is a batch file
(appvalidator.bat), while on Mac OS X and Linux it is a shell script ( Specify the APK file
or the Android project folder for the application to be validated. If your system path does not include the
location of the Android SDK's primary tools directory, specify it using the <codeph>-sdk</codeph> option.</cmd>
<info>See <xref href="r_appvalidator-cmdline.dita"/> for the set of options you can use when invoking the
appvalidator script.</info>
</steps><example>To run all available checkers on your project or APK, issue the following command from within the
MOTODEV Studio for Android installation directory:
<codeblock>appvalidator &lt;path_to_project_or_APK&gt; -sdk &lt;path_to_SDK&gt;></codeblock> To run a specific
<codeblock>appvalidator &lt;path_to_project_or_APK&gt; -sdk &lt;path_to_SDK&gt; -c &lt;checker_ID&gt;</codeblock></example></taskbody>