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// Copyright (C) 2015 The Android Open Source Project
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
// Package generate contains the rpc code generation functionality.
package generate
import (
binary ""
func loader(filename string) ([]byte, error) {
s, ok := embedded[filename]
if !ok {
return nil, fmt.Errorf("Unknown embedded filename %s", filename)
return []byte(s), nil
func fromType(from semantic.Type) schema.Type {
switch from {
case semantic.BoolType:
return &schema.Primitive{Name: "bool", Method: schema.Bool}
case semantic.IntType:
return &schema.Primitive{Name: "int", Method: schema.Int32}
case semantic.UintType:
return &schema.Primitive{Name: "uint", Method: schema.Uint32}
case semantic.Int8Type:
return &schema.Primitive{Name: "int8", Method: schema.Int8}
case semantic.Uint8Type:
return &schema.Primitive{Name: "uint8", Method: schema.Uint8}
case semantic.Int16Type:
return &schema.Primitive{Name: "int16", Method: schema.Int16}
case semantic.Uint16Type:
return &schema.Primitive{Name: "uint16", Method: schema.Uint16}
case semantic.Int32Type:
return &schema.Primitive{Name: "int32", Method: schema.Int32}
case semantic.Uint32Type:
return &schema.Primitive{Name: "uint32", Method: schema.Uint32}
case semantic.Float32Type:
return &schema.Primitive{Name: "float32", Method: schema.Float32}
case semantic.Float64Type:
return &schema.Primitive{Name: "float64", Method: schema.Float64}
case semantic.Int64Type:
return &schema.Primitive{Name: "int64", Method: schema.Int64}
case semantic.Uint64Type:
return &schema.Primitive{Name: "uint64", Method: schema.Uint64}
case semantic.StringType:
return &schema.Primitive{Name: "string", Method: schema.String}
switch from := from.(type) {
case *semantic.Enum:
return &schema.Primitive{Name: from.Typename(), Method: schema.Int32}
case *semantic.Pointer:
return &schema.Pointer{Type: fromType(from.To)}
case *semantic.Slice:
return &schema.Slice{ValueType: fromType(from.To)}
case *semantic.Class:
if from.GetAnnotation("Interface") != nil {
return &schema.Interface{Name: from.Typename()}
return &schema.Struct{Name: from.Typename()}
return &schema.Struct{Name: from.Typename()}
func addFields(s *binary.Struct, c *semantic.Class) {
for _, e := range c.Extends {
addFields(s, e)
for _, decl := range c.Fields {
f := schema.Field{
Declared: decl.Name,
Type: fromType(decl.Type),
s.Fields = append(s.Fields, f)
// Init prepares a new template processor that layers the apic one with
// the functions from the binary codec generate package.
func Init(apiFile string, api *semantic.API) *template.Functions {
apiFile, _ = filepath.Abs(apiFile)
return template.NewFunctions(apiFile, api, loader, map[string]interface{}{})
// Go invokes the main go code generation template.
func Go(f *template.Functions) error {
return f.Include(rpc_go_tmpl_file)
// Java invokes the main go code generation template.
func Java(f *template.Functions) error {
return f.Include(rpc_java_tmpl_file)