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* Fixes:
- Fix support for subfolders in assets/
- Fix cases where Android Libraries have local Jars dependencies
- Fix renaming of package through DSL to ensure resources are compiled in the new namespace
- Fix DSL to add getSourceSets on the "android" extension.
* System requirements:
- Gradle 1.3+ (tested on 1.3/1.4)
- Android Platform Tools 16.0.2+
* New Features:
- Renderscript support.
- Support for multi resource folders. See 'multires' sample.
* PNG crunch is now done incrementally and in parallel.
- Support for multi asset folders.
- Support for asset folders in Library Projects.
- Support for versionName suffix provided by the BuildType.
- Testing
* Default sourceset for tests now src/instrumentTest (instrumentTest<Name> for flavors)
* Instrumentation tests now:
- started from "deviceCheck" instead of "check"
- run on all connected devices in parallel.
- break the build if any test fails.
- generate an HTML report for each flavor/project, but also aggregated.
* New plugin 'android-reporting' to aggregate android test results across projects. See 'flavorlib' sample.
- Improved DSL:
* replaced with android.compileSdkVersion to make it less confusing with targetSdkVersion
* signing information now a SigningConfig object reusable across BuildType and ProductFlavor
* ability to relocate a full sourceSet. See 'migrated' sample.
* API to manipulate Build Variants.
* Fixes:
- Default Java compile target set to 1.6.
- Fix generation of R classes in case libraries share same package name as the app project.
* Fixed support for windows.
* Added support for customized sourceset. (
* Added support for dependency per configuration.
* Fixed support for dependency on local jar files.
* New samples "migrated" and "flavorlib"
0.1: initial release