Remove /proc/sysrq-trigger crash test.

Current sysrq test does "echo c > /proc/sysrq-trigger" triggering a
system crash. It then expects the device to boot back up after the
crash. This is not a fair expectations since on some devices a
system crash can transition the device to a "crash dump" mode that
won't enter boot process without manual steps. In this case the test
will hang.

Fixes: 120346409
Test: vts-tradefed run commandAndExit vts --skip-all-system-status-check
--primary-abi-only --skip-preconditions --skip-device-info --module
Change-Id: I784abb2adf6e0bff84379ccf2e612ecefaa7de62
Merged-In: I784abb2adf6e0bff84379ccf2e612ecefaa7de62
(cherry picked from commit 88d88b251010a340312196367a705d295501d27e)
diff --git a/api/proc/ b/api/proc/
index 3fe7a41..eb58426 100644
--- a/api/proc/
+++ b/api/proc/
@@ -207,12 +207,6 @@
-        # Crash the system.
-"\"echo c > %s\"" % filepath)
-        asserts.assertFalse(self.dut.hasBooted(), "Device is still alive.")
-        self.dut.waitForBootCompletion()
-        self.dut.rootAdb()
     def testProcUidProcstatSet(self):
         def UidIOStats(uid):
             """Returns I/O stats for a given uid.