Update fs_mgr_mount_all function

This is part of the change to support early/late fstab mounting in order
to support starting key services before /data mounting
fs_mgr_mount_all function updated with a parameter to support mounting mode
More information refer to init/readme.txt

(cherry picked from commit 1d6476c3c848ebc8fbdfa6945e1c3be447beb5a3)

Bug: 30118894
Change-Id: I5e925b900fd477f230a90514cc2b561c7a7e9f49
diff --git a/CommandListener.cpp b/CommandListener.cpp
index 8780e98..b548a91 100644
--- a/CommandListener.cpp
+++ b/CommandListener.cpp
@@ -300,7 +300,7 @@
             cli->sendMsg(ResponseCode::CommandSyntaxError, "Usage: mountall", false);
             return 0;
-        fs_mgr_mount_all(fstab);
+        fs_mgr_mount_all(fstab, MOUNT_MODE_DEFAULT);
         cli->sendMsg(ResponseCode::CommandOkay, "Mountall ran successfully", false);
         return 0;