Run diff tests in parallel

Linkerconfig diff test occasionally fails due to the timeout. This
change runs linkerconfig process in the test in parallel to reduce wait
time from a single process, and also adds more logs to make it verbose
and easy to track from the failure.

Bug: 276890767
Test: execution succeeded locally.
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Linkerconfig is a program to generate linker configuration based on the runtime environment. Linkerconfig generates one or more ld.config.txt files and some other files under /linkerconfig during init. Linker will read this generated configuration file(s) to find out link relationship between libraries and executable.


TODO: explain inputs (e.g. /system/etc/public.libraries.txt, /apex/apex-info-list.xml, ..)


Linker configuration file can be used to add extra information while linkerconfig creates linker configuration with the module. This module can be defined as linker_config from Soong, and it will be translated as protobuf file at build time.

A linker configuration file(linker.config.json) is compiled into a protobuf at build time by conv_linker_config. You can find the compiled file under <base>/etc/linker.config.pb. For example, /apex/ is a configuration for the APEX.

/system/etc/linker.config.pb(or its source module system_linker_config) is special because its provideLibs key is generated at build time.


linker.config.json file is in json format which can contain properties as below.

Property NameTypeDescriptionAllowed module
permittedPathsListAdditional permitted pathsAPEX
visibleboolForce APEX namespace to be visible from all sections if the value is trueAPEX
provideLibsListLibraries providing from the moduleSystem
requireLibsListLibraries required from the moduleSystem


APEX module
    "permittedPaths" : [ "/a", "/b/c", "/d/e/f"],
    "visible": true
    "provideLibs" : [ "", "", "" ],
    "requireLibs" : [ "", "", "" ]


/linkerconfig/ld.config.txt & /linkerconfig/*/ld.config.txt

TODO: a few words about the files



The file describes libraries exposed from APEXes. libnativeloader is the main consumer of this file.

# comment line
jni com_android_foo
public com_android_bar

The file is line-based and each line consists of tag apex_namespace library_list.

  • tag explains what library_list is.
  • apex_namespace is the namespace of the apex. Note that it is mangled like com_android_foo for the APEX(“”).
  • library_list is colon-separated list of library names.
    • if tag is jni, library_list is the list of JNI libraries exposed by apex_namespace.
    • if tag is public, library_list is the list of public libraries exposed by apex_namespace. Here, public libraries are the libs listed in /system/etc/public.libraries.txt.