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// TODO(b/110363419): remove or make failures harder
// Deprecated: most minijail users should either use libavservices_minijail
// or reinstitute this (w/ fatal checks).
package {
// See: http://go/android-license-faq
// A large-scale-change added 'default_applicable_licenses' to import
// all of the 'license_kinds' from "system_libhidl_license"
// to get the below license kinds:
// SPDX-license-identifier-Apache-2.0
default_applicable_licenses: ["system_libhidl_license"],
cc_library_shared {
name: "libhwminijail",
defaults: ["hidl_defaults"],
vendor: true,
export_include_dirs: ["include"],
srcs: ["HardwareMinijail.cpp"],
shared_libs: [
visibility: [