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Netlink Protocol Library
This library is a clean room re-implementation of libnl 2.0 and
re-licensed under Apache 2.0. It was developed primarily to support
wpa_supplicant. However, with additional development can be extended
to support other netlink applications.
Netlink Protocol Format (RFC3549)
|Netlink Message |P| Generic Netlink |P|
| Header |A| Message Header |A|
|(struct nlmsghdr)|D|(struct genlmsghdr)|D|
|len:4|type:2|flags:2|seq:4 pid:4|cmd:1|ver:1|reserved:2|
|Netlink Attribute|P|Netlink Attribute|P|Netlink Attribute|P|Netlink Attribute|P|...|
| #0 Header |A| #0 Payload |A| #1 Header |A| #1 Payload |A| |
| (struct nlattr) |D| (void) |D| (struct nlattr) |D| (void) |D| |
* Each netlink message consists of a bitstream with a netlink header.
* After this header a second header *can* be used specific to the netlink
family in use. This library was tested using the generic netlink
protocol defined by struct genlmsghdr to support nl80211.
* After the header(s) netlink attributes can be appended to the message
which hold can hold basic types such as unsigned integers and strings.
* Attributes can also be nested. This is accomplished by calling "nla_nest_start"
which creates an empty attribute with nest attributes as its payload. Then to
close the nest, "nla_nest_end" is called.
* All data structures in this implementation are byte-aligned (Currently 4 bytes).
* Acknowledgements (ACKs) are sent as NLMSG_ERROR netlink message types (0x2) and
have an error value of 0.
* Not tested for thread safety
* No dynamic library because of netlink cache not implemented and
not tested for thread safety
* nla_parse - does not use nla_policy argument
* netlink cache not implemented and only supports one netlink family id
which is stored in the nl_cache pointer instead of an actual cache
* nl_recvmsgs - does not support nl_cb_overwrite_recv()
* nl_recv - sets/unsets asynchronous socket flag
* - Android makefile
* README - This file
* attr.c - Netlink attributes
* cache.c - Netlink cache
* genl/family.c - Generic netlink family id
* genl/genl.c - Generic netlink
* handlers.c - Netlink callbacks
* msg.c - Netlink messages construction
* netlink.c - Netlink socket communication
* object.c - libnl object wrapper
* socket.c - Netlink kernel socket utils
IMPORTANT HEADER FILES - NOTE: These are based on the the origin GPL libnl headers
* netlink-types.h - Contains many important structs for libnl
to represent netlink objects
* netlink/netlink-kernel.h - Netlink kernel headers and field constants.
* netlink/msg.h - macros for iterating over netlink messages
* netlink/attr.h - netlink attribute constants, iteration macros and setters
* nl80211.h
* netlink_types.h
* $LINUX_KERNEL/net/wireless/nl80211.c