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* Copyright (C) 2016 The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#include <string.h>
#include <gtest/gtest.h>
#include "bvb_refimpl.h"
TEST(UtilTest, BootImageHeaderByteswap)
BvbBootImageHeader h;
BvbBootImageHeader s;
uint32_t n32;
uint64_t n64;
n32 = 0x11223344;
n64 = 0x1122334455667788;
h.header_version_major = htobe32(n32); n32++;
h.header_version_minor = htobe32(n32); n32++;
h.authentication_data_block_size = htobe64(n64); n64++;
h.auxilary_data_block_size = htobe64(n64); n64++;
h.payload_data_block_size = htobe64(n64); n64++;
h.algorithm_type = htobe32(n32); n32++;
h.hash_offset = htobe64(n64); n64++;
h.hash_size = htobe64(n64); n64++;
h.signature_offset = htobe64(n64); n64++;
h.signature_size = htobe64(n64); n64++;
h.public_key_offset = htobe64(n64); n64++;
h.public_key_size = htobe64(n64); n64++;
h.properties_offset = htobe64(n64); n64++;
h.properties_size = htobe64(n64); n64++;
h.rollback_index = htobe64(n64); n64++;
h.kernel_offset = htobe64(n64); n64++;
h.kernel_size = htobe64(n64); n64++;
h.initrd_offset = htobe64(n64); n64++;
h.initrd_size = htobe64(n64); n64++;
h.kernel_addr = htobe64(n64); n64++;
h.initrd_addr = htobe64(n64); n64++;
bvb_boot_image_header_to_host_byte_order(&h, &s);
n32 = 0x11223344;
n64 = 0x1122334455667788;
EXPECT_EQ(n32, s.header_version_major); n32++;
EXPECT_EQ(n32, s.header_version_minor); n32++;
EXPECT_EQ(n64, s.authentication_data_block_size); n64++;
EXPECT_EQ(n64, s.auxilary_data_block_size); n64++;
EXPECT_EQ(n64, s.payload_data_block_size); n64++;
EXPECT_EQ(n32, s.algorithm_type); n32++;
EXPECT_EQ(n64, s.hash_offset); n64++;
EXPECT_EQ(n64, s.hash_size); n64++;
EXPECT_EQ(n64, s.signature_offset); n64++;
EXPECT_EQ(n64, s.signature_size); n64++;
EXPECT_EQ(n64, s.public_key_offset); n64++;
EXPECT_EQ(n64, s.public_key_size); n64++;
EXPECT_EQ(n64, s.properties_offset); n64++;
EXPECT_EQ(n64, s.properties_size); n64++;
EXPECT_EQ(n64, s.rollback_index); n64++;
EXPECT_EQ(n64, s.kernel_offset); n64++;
EXPECT_EQ(n64, s.kernel_size); n64++;
EXPECT_EQ(n64, s.initrd_offset); n64++;
EXPECT_EQ(n64, s.initrd_size); n64++;
EXPECT_EQ(n64, s.kernel_addr); n64++;
EXPECT_EQ(n64, s.initrd_addr); n64++;
// If new fields are added, the following will fail. This is to
// remind that byteswapping code (in bvb_util.c) and unittests for
// this should be updated.
static_assert(offsetof(BvbBootImageHeader, reserved) == 4256,
"Remember to unittest byteswapping of newly added fields");
TEST(UtilTest, RSAPublicKeyHeaderByteswap)
BvbRSAPublicKeyHeader h;
BvbRSAPublicKeyHeader s;
uint32_t n32;
uint64_t n64;
n32 = 0x11223344;
n64 = 0x1122334455667788;
h.key_num_bits = htobe32(n32); n32++;
h.n0inv = htobe32(n32); n32++;
bvb_rsa_public_key_header_to_host_byte_order(&h, &s);
n32 = 0x11223344;
n64 = 0x1122334455667788;
EXPECT_EQ(n32, s.key_num_bits); n32++;
EXPECT_EQ(n32, s.n0inv); n32++;
TEST(UtilTest, SafeAddition) {
uint64_t value;
uint64_t pow2_60 = 1ULL << 60;
value = 2;
EXPECT_NE(0, bvb_safe_add_to(&value, 5));
EXPECT_EQ(7UL, value);
/* These should not overflow */
value = 1*pow2_60;
EXPECT_NE(0, bvb_safe_add_to(&value, 2*pow2_60));
EXPECT_EQ(3*pow2_60, value);
value = 7*pow2_60;
EXPECT_NE(0, bvb_safe_add_to(&value, 8*pow2_60));
EXPECT_EQ(15*pow2_60, value);
value = 9*pow2_60;
EXPECT_NE(0, bvb_safe_add_to(&value, 3*pow2_60));
EXPECT_EQ(12*pow2_60, value);
value = 0xfffffffffffffffcUL;
EXPECT_NE(0, bvb_safe_add_to(&value, 2));
EXPECT_EQ(0xfffffffffffffffeUL, value);
/* These should overflow. */
value = 8*pow2_60;
EXPECT_EQ(0, bvb_safe_add_to(&value, 8*pow2_60));
value = 0xfffffffffffffffcUL;
EXPECT_EQ(0, bvb_safe_add_to(&value, 4));