Remove memory reference to invalid mem in error log

Remove the memory reference to an invalid memory inside an error log

Test: Edit code to force the error condition and make sure the new error
log does not crashed.
Bug: 67058064
Merged-In: I55ec6d8b53e5987cd7721e0ae3ffccc11d6638a0
Change-Id: I55ec6d8b53e5987cd7721e0ae3ffccc11d6638a0
(cherry picked from commit 11cd7277a1d0da9013a8381cddbfc096e9adaed6)
(cherry picked from commit d10bc94f5ec64122382ed73a261c5f4d0a0fa195)
diff --git a/stack/smp/ b/stack/smp/
index 8bdce6b..c7f7be6 100644
--- a/stack/smp/
+++ b/stack/smp/
@@ -315,8 +315,7 @@
   l2cap_ret = L2CA_SendFixedChnlData(fixed_cid, rem_bda, p_toL2CAP);
   if (l2cap_ret == L2CAP_DW_FAILED) {
     smp_cb.total_tx_unacked -= 1;
-    SMP_TRACE_ERROR("SMP   failed to pass msg:0x%0x to L2CAP",
-                    *((uint8_t*)(p_toL2CAP + 1) + p_toL2CAP->offset));
+    SMP_TRACE_ERROR("SMP failed to pass msg to L2CAP");
     return false;
   } else
     return true;