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Code completion in completion1.xml for ^<TextView:
<AbsoluteLayout ></AbsoluteLayout>
<AdapterViewFlipper ></AdapterViewFlipper>
<AnalogClock />
<AutoCompleteTextView />
<Button />
<CalendarView />
<CheckBox />
<CheckedTextView />
<Chronometer />
<DatePicker />
<DialerFilter ></DialerFilter>
<DigitalClock />
<EditText />
<ExpandableListView ></ExpandableListView>
<FrameLayout ></FrameLayout>
<Gallery />
<GridLayout ></GridLayout>
<GridView ></GridView>
<HorizontalScrollView ></HorizontalScrollView>
<ImageButton />
<ImageSwitcher ></ImageSwitcher>
<ImageView />
<LinearLayout ></LinearLayout>
<ListView ></ListView>
<MediaController ></MediaController>
<MultiAutoCompleteTextView />
<NumberPicker />
<ProgressBar />
<QuickContactBadge />
<RadioButton />
<RadioGroup ></RadioGroup>
<RatingBar />
<RelativeLayout ></RelativeLayout>
<ScrollView ></ScrollView>
<SearchView ></SearchView>
<SeekBar />
<SlidingDrawer ></SlidingDrawer> : SlidingDrawer specific attributes.
<Space />
<Spinner />
<StackView ></StackView>
<SurfaceView />
<Switch />
<TabHost ></TabHost>
<TabWidget ></TabWidget>
<TableLayout ></TableLayout>
<TableRow ></TableRow>
<TextSwitcher ></TextSwitcher>
<TextView />
<TextureView />
<TimePicker />
<ToggleButton />
<TwoLineListItem />
<VideoView />
<View /> : Attributes that can be used with android.view.View or any of its subclasses.
<ViewAnimator ></ViewAnimator>
<ViewFlipper ></ViewFlipper>
<ViewStub /> : A android.view.ViewStub lets you lazily include other XML layouts inside your application at runtime.
<ViewSwitcher ></ViewSwitcher>
<WebView />
<ZoomButton />
<ZoomControls />
<android.gesture.GestureOverlayView ></android.gesture.GestureOverlayView> : GestureOverlayView specific attributes.
<fragment /> : A Fragment is a piece of an application's user interface or behavior that can be placed in an Activity
<include /> : Lets you statically include XML layouts inside other XML layouts.
<requestFocus /> : Requests focus for the parent element or one of its descendants
<view /> : A view tag whose class attribute names the class to be instantiated