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*** This header was automatically generated from a Linux kernel header
*** of the same name, to make information necessary for userspace to
*** call into the kernel available to libc. It contains only constants,
*** structures, and macros generated from the original header, and thus,
*** contains no copyrightable information.
*** To edit the content of this header, modify the corresponding
*** source file (e.g. under external/kernel-headers/original/) then
*** run bionic/libc/kernel/tools/
*** Any manual change here will be lost the next time this script will
*** be run. You've been warned!
#ifndef I40IW_ABI_H
#define I40IW_ABI_H
#include <linux/types.h>
#define I40IW_ABI_VER 5
struct i40iw_alloc_ucontext_req {
__u32 reserved32;
__u8 userspace_ver;
__u8 reserved8[3];
struct i40iw_alloc_ucontext_resp {
__u32 max_pds;
__u32 max_qps;
__u32 wq_size;
__u8 kernel_ver;
__u8 reserved[3];
struct i40iw_alloc_pd_resp {
__u32 pd_id;
__u8 reserved[4];
struct i40iw_create_cq_req {
__aligned_u64 user_cq_buffer;
__aligned_u64 user_shadow_area;
struct i40iw_create_qp_req {
__aligned_u64 user_wqe_buffers;
__aligned_u64 user_compl_ctx;
__aligned_u64 user_sq_phb;
__aligned_u64 user_rq_phb;
enum i40iw_memreg_type {
struct i40iw_mem_reg_req {
__u16 reg_type;
__u16 cq_pages;
__u16 rq_pages;
__u16 sq_pages;
struct i40iw_create_cq_resp {
__u32 cq_id;
__u32 cq_size;
__u32 mmap_db_index;
__u32 reserved;
struct i40iw_create_qp_resp {
__u32 qp_id;
__u32 actual_sq_size;
__u32 actual_rq_size;
__u32 i40iw_drv_opt;
__u16 push_idx;
__u8 lsmm;
__u8 rsvd2;