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<title>ProGuard License</title>
<b>ProGuard</b> is free. You can use it freely for processing your
applications, commercial or not. Your code obviously remains yours after
having been processed, and its license can remain the same.
<b>ProGuard</b> itself is copyrighted, but its distribution license provides
you with some rights for modifying and redistributing its code and its
documentation. More specifically, <b>ProGuard</b> is distributed under the
terms of the <a href="GPL.html">GNU General Public License</a> (GPL), version
2, as published by the <a href="" target="other">Free
Software Foundation</a> (FSF). In short, this means that you may freely
redistribute the program, modified or as is, on the condition that you make
the complete source code available as well. If you develop a program that is
linked with
<b>ProGuard</b>, the program as a whole has to be distributed at no charge
under the GPL. I am granting a <a href="GPL_exception.html">special
exception</a> to the latter clause (in wording suggested by
the <a href=""
target="other">FSF</a>), for combinations with the following stand-alone
applications: Apache Ant, Apache Maven, the Google Android SDK, the Eclipse
ProGuardDT GUI, the EclipseME JME IDE, the Oracle NetBeans Java IDE, the Oracle
JME Wireless Toolkit, the Simple Build Tool for Scala, the NeoMAD Tools by
Neomades, the Javaground Tools, and the Sanaware Tools.
The <b>ProGuard user documentation</b> represents an important part of this
work. It may only be redistributed without changes, along with the unmodified
version of the code.
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Copyright &copy; 2002-2011
<a target="other" href="">Eric Lafortune</a>.