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Implements the Distutils 'bdist_dumb' command (create a "dumb" built
distribution -- i.e., just an archive to be unpacked under $prefix or
__revision__ = "$Id$"
import os
from sysconfig import get_python_version
from distutils.util import get_platform
from distutils.core import Command
from distutils.dir_util import remove_tree, ensure_relative
from distutils.errors import DistutilsPlatformError
from distutils import log
class bdist_dumb (Command):
description = 'create a "dumb" built distribution'
user_options = [('bdist-dir=', 'd',
"temporary directory for creating the distribution"),
('plat-name=', 'p',
"platform name to embed in generated filenames "
"(default: %s)" % get_platform()),
('format=', 'f',
"archive format to create (tar, ztar, gztar, zip)"),
('keep-temp', 'k',
"keep the pseudo-installation tree around after " +
"creating the distribution archive"),
('dist-dir=', 'd',
"directory to put final built distributions in"),
('skip-build', None,
"skip rebuilding everything (for testing/debugging)"),
('relative', None,
"build the archive using relative paths"
"(default: false)"),
('owner=', 'u',
"Owner name used when creating a tar file"
" [default: current user]"),
('group=', 'g',
"Group name used when creating a tar file"
" [default: current group]"),
boolean_options = ['keep-temp', 'skip-build', 'relative']
default_format = { 'posix': 'gztar',
'nt': 'zip',
'os2': 'zip' }
def initialize_options (self):
self.bdist_dir = None
self.plat_name = None
self.format = None
self.keep_temp = 0
self.dist_dir = None
self.skip_build = None
self.relative = 0
self.owner = None = None
def finalize_options(self):
if self.bdist_dir is None:
bdist_base = self.get_finalized_command('bdist').bdist_base
self.bdist_dir = os.path.join(bdist_base, 'dumb')
if self.format is None:
self.format = self.default_format[]
except KeyError:
raise DistutilsPlatformError, \
("don't know how to create dumb built distributions " +
"on platform %s") %
('dist_dir', 'dist_dir'),
('plat_name', 'plat_name'),
('skip_build', 'skip_build'))
def run(self):
if not self.skip_build:
install = self.reinitialize_command('install', reinit_subcommands=1)
install.root = self.bdist_dir
install.skip_build = self.skip_build
install.warn_dir = 0"installing to %s" % self.bdist_dir)
# And make an archive relative to the root of the
# pseudo-installation tree.
archive_basename = "%s.%s" % (self.distribution.get_fullname(),
# OS/2 objects to any ":" characters in a filename (such as when
# a timestamp is used in a version) so change them to hyphens.
if == "os2":
archive_basename = archive_basename.replace(":", "-")
pseudoinstall_root = os.path.join(self.dist_dir, archive_basename)
if not self.relative:
archive_root = self.bdist_dir
if (self.distribution.has_ext_modules() and
(install.install_base != install.install_platbase)):
raise DistutilsPlatformError, \
("can't make a dumb built distribution where "
"base and platbase are different (%s, %s)"
% (repr(install.install_base),
archive_root = os.path.join(self.bdist_dir,
# Make the archive
filename = self.make_archive(pseudoinstall_root,
self.format, root_dir=archive_root,
if self.distribution.has_ext_modules():
pyversion = get_python_version()
pyversion = 'any'
self.distribution.dist_files.append(('bdist_dumb', pyversion,
if not self.keep_temp:
remove_tree(self.bdist_dir, dry_run=self.dry_run)