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"""Support code for test_*.py files"""
# Author: Collin Winter
# Python imports
import unittest
import sys
import os
import os.path
import re
from textwrap import dedent
# Local imports
from lib2to3 import pytree, refactor
from lib2to3.pgen2 import driver
test_dir = os.path.dirname(__file__)
proj_dir = os.path.normpath(os.path.join(test_dir, ".."))
grammar_path = os.path.join(test_dir, "..", "Grammar.txt")
grammar = driver.load_grammar(grammar_path)
driver = driver.Driver(grammar, convert=pytree.convert)
def parse_string(string):
return driver.parse_string(reformat(string), debug=True)
def run_all_tests(test_mod=None, tests=None):
if tests is None:
tests = unittest.TestLoader().loadTestsFromModule(test_mod)
def reformat(string):
return dedent(string) + u"\n\n"
def get_refactorer(fixer_pkg="lib2to3", fixers=None, options=None):
A convenience function for creating a RefactoringTool for tests.
fixers is a list of fixers for the RefactoringTool to use. By default
"lib2to3.fixes.*" is used. options is an optional dictionary of options to
be passed to the RefactoringTool.
if fixers is not None:
fixers = [fixer_pkg + ".fixes.fix_" + fix for fix in fixers]
fixers = refactor.get_fixers_from_package(fixer_pkg + ".fixes")
options = options or {}
return refactor.RefactoringTool(fixers, options, explicit=True)
def all_project_files():
for dirpath, dirnames, filenames in os.walk(proj_dir):
for filename in filenames:
if filename.endswith(".py"):
yield os.path.join(dirpath, filename)
TestCase = unittest.TestCase