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  1. 7aea7e9 Update Darwin CMake prebuilt to 3.22.1 by Ryan Prichard · 1 year, 1 month ago android-games-sdk-game-activity-release android-games-sdk-game-text-input-release android-games-sdk-games-controller-release android-games-sdk-games-frame-pacing-release android-games-sdk-games-memory-advice-release android-games-sdk-games-performance-tuner-release androidx-compose-compiler-release androidx-customview-customview-poolingcontainer-release androidx-metrics-release androidx-profileinstaller-release androidx-wear-compose-release llvm-r450784 master ndk-r25-release ndk-r25 ndk-r25-beta1 ndk-r25-beta2 ndk-r25-beta3 ndk-r25-beta4 ndk-r25b ndk-r25c
  2. d09ee75 Update cmake prebuilts for Darwin by Haibo Huang · 2 years, 2 months ago androidx-collection-release androidx-compose-material3-release androidx-glance-release androidx-preference-release androidx-window-release busytown-mac1010-release llvm-r416183 ndk-r23 ndk-r23-beta1 ndk-r23-beta2 ndk-r23-beta3 ndk-r23-beta4 ndk-r23-beta5 ndk-r23-beta6 ndk-r23b ndk-r24-beta1 ndk-r24-beta2
  3. 3910190 Upgrade cmake prebuilt to 3.18.1 [Darwin] by Haibo Huang · 2 years, 6 months ago llvm-r399163b ndk-release-r22 ndk-r22 ndk-r22-beta1
  4. 0a604d8 Upgrade cmake prebuilt to 3.17.0 [Darwin] by Haibo Huang · 2 years, 11 months ago llvm-r383902b
  5. 82cd051 Upgrade cmake prebuilt to 3.17.0 [Darwin] by Haibo Huang · 2 years, 11 months ago
  6. d00577c Upgrade cmake to 3.16 for Darwin by Haibo Huang · 3 years ago
  7. fc59035 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/cmake-master-dev' into master by Alexander Dorokhine · 3 years ago androidx-concurrent-release androidx-customview-release androidx-datastore-release androidx-drawerlayout-release androidx-emoji-release androidx-leanback-release androidx-media2-media2-widget-release androidx-media2-release androidx-paging-release androidx-print-release androidx-resourceinspection-release androidx-security-security-crypto-release androidx-sqlite-inspection-release androidx-swiperefreshlayout-release androidx-versionedparcelable-release androidx-wear-release androidx-wear-wear-input-release androidx-wear-wear-ongoing-release androidx-wear-wear-phone-interactions-release androidx-wear-wear-remote-interactions-release
  8. 64db8fb Upgrade cmake to 3.10.2 by Alexander Dorokhine · 3 years ago cmake-master-dev
  9. f3bfe54 Update cmake (ab/4111459) by Pavel Labath · 5 years ago android-games-sdk-unity-dev android-games-sdk-unity-release androidx-recyclerview-recyclerview-selection-release androidx-viewpager2-release llvm-r316199 llvm-r353983 llvm-r365631 ndk-release-r17 ndk-release-r18 ndk-release-r19 ndk-release-r20 ndk-release-r21 bender-v1-stable ndk-r17 ndk-r17-beta1 ndk-r17-beta2 ndk-r17b ndk-r18-beta1 ndk-r18-beta2 ndk-r18b ndk-r19 ndk-r19-beta1 ndk-r19-beta2 ndk-r19b ndk-r19c ndk-r20 ndk-r20-beta1 ndk-r20-beta2 ndk-r20-beta3 ndk-r20b ndk-r21 ndk-r21-beta1 ndk-r21-beta2 ndk-r21-rc1 ndk-r21b ndk-r21c ndk-r21d ndk-r21e
  10. 765ed90 Update cmake (ab/4111459) by Pavel Labath · 5 years ago
  11. 1b73597 Add cmake 3.8.2 for tests by Karthik Ravindran · 5 years ago
  12. 2895899 Update prebuilts to CMake 3.6.0-rc2 (go/ab/3043163). by Chaoren Lin · 7 years ago ndk-r13-release ndk-r14-release ndk-r15-release ndk-release-r16 ndk-r13 ndk-r13-beta2 ndk-r14 ndk-r14-beta1 ndk-r14-beta2 ndk-r15-beta1 ndk-r15-beta2 ndk-r16 ndk-r16-beta1 ndk-r16-beta2
  13. f483345 Update prebuilts to CMake 3.6.0-rc2 (go/ab/3043163). by Chaoren Lin · 7 years ago
  14. d4410da Adding binaries for 3.2.3 by Vince Harron · 8 years ago ndk-r12-release studio-1.3-dev studio-1.3-release studio-1.4-dev studio-1.4-release studio-master-release gradle_2.0.0 ndk-r12-beta1 ndk-r12-beta2 ndk-r12b ndk-r13-beta1 studio-1.4 studio-1.5 studio-2.0 studio-2.0-rc1 studio-master-dev_before_26911779 studio-master-dev_before_27917934
  15. 4cad3c4 Initial empty repository by Bill Yi · 8 years ago