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//==- BuiltinsAArch64.def - AArch64 Builtin function database ----*- C++ -*-==//
// The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
// This file defines the AArch64-specific builtin function database. Users of
// this file must define the BUILTIN macro to make use of this information.
// The format of this database matches clang/Basic/Builtins.def.
// In libgcc
BUILTIN(__clear_cache, "vv*v*", "i")
BUILTIN(__builtin_arm_ldrex, "v.", "t")
BUILTIN(__builtin_arm_ldaex, "v.", "t")
BUILTIN(__builtin_arm_strex, "i.", "t")
BUILTIN(__builtin_arm_stlex, "i.", "t")
BUILTIN(__builtin_arm_clrex, "v", "")
// Bit manipulation
BUILTIN(__builtin_arm_rbit, "UiUi", "nc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_arm_rbit64, "LUiLUi", "nc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_arm_nop, "v", "")
BUILTIN(__builtin_arm_yield, "v", "")
BUILTIN(__builtin_arm_wfe, "v", "")
BUILTIN(__builtin_arm_wfi, "v", "")
BUILTIN(__builtin_arm_sev, "v", "")
BUILTIN(__builtin_arm_sevl, "v", "")
// CRC32
BUILTIN(__builtin_arm_crc32b, "UiUiUc", "nc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_arm_crc32cb, "UiUiUc", "nc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_arm_crc32h, "UiUiUs", "nc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_arm_crc32ch, "UiUiUs", "nc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_arm_crc32w, "UiUiUi", "nc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_arm_crc32cw, "UiUiUi", "nc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_arm_crc32d, "UiUiLUi", "nc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_arm_crc32cd, "UiUiLUi", "nc")
// Memory barrier
BUILTIN(__builtin_arm_dmb, "vUi", "nc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_arm_dsb, "vUi", "nc")
BUILTIN(__builtin_arm_isb, "vUi", "nc")
#undef BUILTIN