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//= UninitializedValues.h - Finding uses of uninitialized values -*- C++ -*-==//
// The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
// This file defines APIs for invoking and reported uninitialized values
// warnings.
#include "clang/AST/Stmt.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/SmallVector.h"
namespace clang {
class AnalysisDeclContext;
class CFG;
class DeclContext;
class Expr;
class VarDecl;
/// A use of a variable, which might be uninitialized.
class UninitUse {
struct Branch {
const Stmt *Terminator;
unsigned Output;
/// The expression which uses this variable.
const Expr *User;
/// Is this use uninitialized whenever the function is called?
bool UninitAfterCall;
/// Is this use uninitialized whenever the variable declaration is reached?
bool UninitAfterDecl;
/// Does this use always see an uninitialized value?
bool AlwaysUninit;
/// This use is always uninitialized if it occurs after any of these branches
/// is taken.
SmallVector<Branch, 2> UninitBranches;
UninitUse(const Expr *User, bool AlwaysUninit)
: User(User), UninitAfterCall(false), UninitAfterDecl(false),
AlwaysUninit(AlwaysUninit) {}
void addUninitBranch(Branch B) {
void setUninitAfterCall() { UninitAfterCall = true; }
void setUninitAfterDecl() { UninitAfterDecl = true; }
/// Get the expression containing the uninitialized use.
const Expr *getUser() const { return User; }
/// The kind of uninitialized use.
enum Kind {
/// The use might be uninitialized.
/// The use is uninitialized whenever a certain branch is taken.
/// The use is uninitialized the first time it is reached after we reach
/// the variable's declaration.
/// The use is uninitialized the first time it is reached after the function
/// is called.
/// The use is always uninitialized.
/// Get the kind of uninitialized use.
Kind getKind() const {
return AlwaysUninit ? Always :
UninitAfterCall ? AfterCall :
UninitAfterDecl ? AfterDecl :
!branch_empty() ? Sometimes : Maybe;
typedef SmallVectorImpl<Branch>::const_iterator branch_iterator;
/// Branches which inevitably result in the variable being used uninitialized.
branch_iterator branch_begin() const { return UninitBranches.begin(); }
branch_iterator branch_end() const { return UninitBranches.end(); }
bool branch_empty() const { return UninitBranches.empty(); }
class UninitVariablesHandler {
UninitVariablesHandler() {}
virtual ~UninitVariablesHandler();
/// Called when the uninitialized variable is used at the given expression.
virtual void handleUseOfUninitVariable(const VarDecl *vd,
const UninitUse &use) {}
/// Called when the uninitialized variable analysis detects the
/// idiom 'int x = x'. All other uses of 'x' within the initializer
/// are handled by handleUseOfUninitVariable.
virtual void handleSelfInit(const VarDecl *vd) {}
struct UninitVariablesAnalysisStats {
unsigned NumVariablesAnalyzed;
unsigned NumBlockVisits;
void runUninitializedVariablesAnalysis(const DeclContext &dc, const CFG &cfg,
AnalysisDeclContext &ac,
UninitVariablesHandler &handler,
UninitVariablesAnalysisStats &stats);