Fix checkstyle to include spacing between static imports.

When upgrading checkstyle v7.4 to v10.12, new properties were added such as staticGroups (v8.12) and separatedStaticGroups (v8.12) which are set to default false.

Bug: 291925520
Fixes: 299677267
Change-Id: I1350ab5448f1d05b40a8a4a791e3e7227364c883
Test: repo upload
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Checkstyle is used by developers to validate Java code style and formatting, and can be run as part of the pre-upload hooks.

Running it

It can be invoked in two ways.

  1. To check style of entire specific files: -f FILE [FILE ...]
  2. To check style of the lines modified in the latest commit:

Projects used


A development tool to help programmers write Java code that adheres to a coding standard.


Git-lint is a tool to run lint checks on only files changed in the latest commit.

  • URL:
  • Version: 0.0.8
  • License: Apache 2.0
  • License File: gitlint/LICENSE
  • Local Modifications:
    • Downloaded gitlint/ and git/ files individually.

Pre-upload linting

To run checkstyle as part of the pre-upload hooks, add the following line to your PREUPLOAD.cfg:

checkstyle_hook = ${REPO_ROOT}/prebuilts/checkstyle/ --sha ${PREUPLOAD_COMMIT}

Note that checkstyle does not always agree with clang-format, and so it's best to only have one enabled for Java.

Disabling Clang Format for Java

In .clang-format add the following to disable format checking and correcting for Java:

Language: Java
DisableFormat: true
SortIncludes: false

In some versions of clang-format, DisableFormat doesn't stop the sorting of includes. So to fully disable clang-format from doing anything for Java files, both options are needed.