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This directory contains prebuilt emulator binaries that were generated
using the following scripts
on 64-bit Linux and Mac OS X hosts.
Below is the list of specific commits for each input directory used:
external/qemu 7025489 android/base/system/System.cpp: Make valgrind happy.
external/qemu-android 7673fd2 goldfish_tty.c: Use physical addresses instead of virtual
external/gtest aa242ae Use new sanitizer option.
Summary of changes:
$ cd external/qemu; git log --oneline --no-merges 8ada71..14861f
7025489 android/base/system/System.cpp: Make valgrind happy.
109f9eb Implements fullscreen support for the Qt emulator.
e55c059 android/skin/qt: Expandable tool window.
2403730 android/skin/qt: Fix position of tool window.
5b7ae7d Add Qt-based UI backend
c751277 Check for e2fsprogs prebuilts dir in
ea6cbc2 android/base/system/Win32Utils.h: new helper class.
92402bd android/base/system/System.h: Add findBundledExecutable().
c1bfccd Copy e2fsprogs to $OUT_DIR/bin
2606c22 New build script.
99c5cc1 emugl: Remove extraneous exit messasge with '-gpu mesa'.
a774bf3 emugl: Ensure that a newly-created sub-window is cleared.
86c1cab emugl: minor cleanup.
b10f775 PACKAGES.TXT: Update to newly released Qt 5.5.0
ba98610 Small fix for remote Darwin builds.
77f9b5f docs/PREBUILT-BINARIES.TXT: New document.
842092e goldfish/tty.c: Add device version register
b2bbb30 android/build: Add support for Qt 'moc' and 'rcc' tools.
80168bd Copy Qt shared libraries into $OUT_DIR/<lib>/qt/
9157e57 android/scripts/ New build script for Qt libraries.
97a6bef PACKAGES.TXT: Add a rule to donwload the Qt 5.4.2 sources.
695f900 Add support for SVN, BASENAME and DSTDIR fields.
df6b553 Small build system cleanup to prepare for Qt-based UI.
c961f3a emugl: Disable signals from render and window threads.
88e6a59 android/skin/: Small cleanups to prepare for Qt-based backend.
20cc04e android/build: Add support for prebuilt static libraries.
b4616d2 android/base/System.h: Add addLibrarySearchDir().
59873e0 Move '-list-avds' handling to top-level 'emulator' launcher.
dcd78da Add unit tests for some text-message functions
ae0eaf5 Fix handling of SMS message with special characters
ebcf238 Fix cube map textures issue
65e628f Support '-ranchu' flag to pick qemu2 as the emulation engine
d4617d6 Allow ',' and '=' in path names
3592ca0 Load the Skin config before the Device config
feef1eb Move CPU Acceleration handling to main-common.c
414e009 Provide the correct time with the 'geo fix' command
c0f65a2 Fix emulator booting on OSX 10.8
2539b0c emugl: Fix -no-window on Linux.
ac4bf2b emugl: Improve error reporting when loading shared libraries.
b5c1463 Ranchu emulator wrapper support for -sdcard switch
1236003 android/opengl/emugl_config.cpp: Remove debug messages.
b87a7f1 os-win32.c: Remove forced thread affinity to single core.
d40b8ff Re-enable icount handling for snapshot to work
e3a5a53 set pc-bios directory to match current output directory.
d5f17cb added binaries for qemu2 x86/x86-64
14896ae Convert -selinux 'disabled' to 'permissive' for API level >= 23
6300b7b Move common command-line option processing to shared source file.
3d406cd Fix crash with '-qemu -cpu foo' is used.
63b652a SDL2: fixed qemu2 not built with SDL2
b6b64b2 Disable non-fatal error when loading from snapshot
2cfe36d cpu-exec.c: Remove tb_invalidated_flag global variable.
b28f2f2 android/main.c: Honor informational QEMU options, e.g. "-qemu -h"
6cd021f Fix OSX build caused by a typo in include
83b3110 Handle CPU interrupts by inline checking of a flag
6af00b2 Improve detection of remote desktop sessions.
5ca3b5d Mesa: [windows] Fix for RDP / Chrome Remote Desktop.
dc3c5aa emugl: [windows] Slightly better error messages.
26b5349 [windows] Add bin/DO_NOT_REMOVE files.
0dbc969 Fix for LLVM
56da43f emugl: Proper support Mesa software renderer.
db96916 emugl: Remove static methods from FrameBuffer class.
483c4a7 emugl: [windows] Fix WGL backend out-of-bounds stack access.
30db467 emugl: [windows] Support for Mesa backend.
075cda6 android/opengles.c: Improve error message.
752c590 [windows] Rename Mesa lib to mesa_opengl32.dll
c9d47d5 emugl: [windows] Remove imports from opengl32.dll
b6321f6 emugl: [windows] Remove static C++ constructor.
f333503 emugl: [windows] Get rid of WglExtProcs.
136eaff emugl: [windows] Lazy-link to opengl32.dll.
5e806aa emugl: Make emugl::SharedLibrary::findSymbol() const
fa6d396 emugl: Move GlLibrary implementations to EGL library.
6a74ee2 emugl: Use 'funcargs' mode to generate GLES function headers.
bba1311 Add ccache support to --mingw builds.
a76d2ea Remove TARGET_OS variable.
144af87 Rename CPU to BUILD_ARCH
cba2c84 Remove HOST_BIGENDIAN probe.
9db5159 Minor reformatting.
370668b Remove obsolete android/config/ directories.
abc3abf Fix windows ranchu launcher selection problem
af1668c Simplify script.
c728383 qemu-launcher: Add support for -selinux <mode> option.
df12821 Disable libcurl connectivity.
b83b0ec Disable libcurl connectivity.
51fee5a emugl: Remove obsolete EGL internal display type support.
fec1f12 emugl: Remove obsolete EGL API functions.
31382f8 emugl: Remove un-needed EGL entry points from libOpenglRender.
a438ad2 emugl: Add new script.
3e88e9f emugl: Refactor GLDispatch (again).
780335a emugl: Refactor libOpenglRender's EGLDispatch.
2ea5b38 android/scripts/ Add 'funcargs' mode + unit test suite.
43b4b7f emugl: GLcommon/GLLibrary.h: new helper class.
ec0a1b1 emugl: GLDispatch: Use proper lazy initialization.
75e60b6 emugl: Report errors when failing to load shared libraries.
a57a959 emugl: Fix Linux dynamic linking to libGL.
0635630 include content.
8ba624f android/build/ Remove obsolete portions.
3cd9d74 Remove anything related to the platform build.
3f06301 android/base/testing/TestTempDir.h: Use TMPDIR on Unix systems.
371fb7e Remove cygwin support code.
868ceed Remove --no-aosp-prebuilts
d779dd5 Remove --static option.
67b5721 Remove --gles-dir and --no-gles
176fd9e Remove --ignore-audio option.
80617d0 Remove obsolete --install option.
bcc204c distrib/ Remove obsolete script.
1a1afd6 Support for new Clang-3.5 based SDK toolchain.
7ce382b Remove obsolete --sdl-config option.
2855dd7 Revert "qemu2 does not build on build servers; revert"
b910f8f Use $AOSP/prebuilts/android-emulator-build/ to store prebuilts.
7d2d6c0 Separate qemu-android and dependencies binaries.
4022d0a Separate mesa-deps and mesa prebuilts.
7e5c3ad Revert "Backport arm_boot: Change initrd load address to "halfway through RAM"" Because this CL causes Mac not to boot arm image anymore This reverts commit deff600e4e880b01953d4c5c0363774c385de09f.
5561478 Revert "Backport arm_boot: Change initrd load address to "halfway through RAM"" Because this CL causes Mac not to boot arm image anymore This reverts commit deff600e4e880b01953d4c5c0363774c385de09f.
aad813a Revert "emugl: Refactor GLDispatch structure."
3a87916 Revert "emugl: Refactor GLDispatch structure."
8f3fc9d Revert "emugl: Refactor libOpenglRender's EGLDispatch."
47d5d65 Revert "emugl: Get rid fo GLAPIENTRY"
9ef1eea Revert "emugl: Add *experimental* support for 'osmesa' backend."
a461dee Revert "emugl: GLDispatch: do not use static function pointers."
8129754 Revert "emugl: Fix 'black triangle bug'"
e497cfb Revert "emugl: Get rid of s_glDispatch static variable."
deab7a4 Revert "emugl: EGL: Refactor ClientAPIExts.cpp"
ef776cc Revert "android/scripts/ Add 'funcargs' mode + unit test suite."
03bf8e5 Fix qemu2 launcher on Mac
3d30611 emugl: Fix memory leak in OutputBuffer implementation.
fcc17a3 qemu2 does not build on build servers; revert
b4b7b68 Fix qemu-android build on MacOsX Yosemite (10.10)
789b604 Remove SDL 1.x from qemu-android dependencies.
d0cd3d4 Copy qemu2 binaries to SDK tools after build
32037f5 Ignoring warnings to build glib for Mac OS X
8abd9b7 Temporarily revert this CL for a release to fingerprint team
373f536 Remove obsolete SDL 1.x sources.
44cf146 emugl: EGL: Refactor ClientAPIExts.cpp
3a43527 android/scripts/ Add 'funcargs' mode + unit test suite.
4b0b29d emugl: EGL: Refactor ClientAPIExts.cpp
613773e android/scripts/ Add 'funcargs' mode + unit test suite.
ff1be12 Use winaudio as audio backend on Windows
2378035 emugl: Get rid of s_glDispatch static variable.
d33e6ae emugl: Fix 'black triangle bug'
cabaec2 Fix glGenerateMipmap error code for invalid target
5b7afdf emugl: Add *experimental* support for 'osmesa' backend.
27af0c7 Fix memory leak caused by color buffer
63befdb emugl: GLDispatch: do not use static function pointers.
455fe1c Strings added to address Issue 82305
2494f1e emugl: Get rid fo GLAPIENTRY
5ac17a2 emugl: Refactor GLDispatch structure.
6da22fb emugl: Refactor libOpenglRender's EGLDispatch.
34b12d5 emugl: Remove obsolete header file.
bbd6bee emugl: Reduce number of exported dynamic symbols.
9c41bdb android/build: Add support for LOCAL_SYMBOL_FILE
acc644d android/scripts/ Remove obsolete script.
0fe0098 android/scripts/ Add new script.
6d1e6c5 Fix webcam on OSX Yosemite
758e306 emugl: Support software-only renderers.
ac9c8df emugl: EglDisplay.cpp: Add debug printouts.
54e8268 Make sure EmuGL is built in debug mode with --debug.
964920f emugl: Remove pesky compiler warning on Darwin.
e6aef36 suppress verbose output when stdout is part of return value
$ cd external/qemu-android; git log --oneline --no-merges 8ad041c..7673fd2
7673fd2 goldfish_tty.c: Use physical addresses instead of virtual
5e29087 target-mips: fix updating BadVAddr for misaligned accesses
63782ac hw/mips: ranchu: Enable goldfish audio
b509f13 target-mips: Add TLB Refill exception interpreter
b4cda1b hw/char/goldfish_tty.c: Sign extend addresses for mips
3a1d5bc Fix VENOM vulnerability for Intel-based systems.
bdc7705 i386: init adb and android monitor for IA
3f8331a hw/i386: Enable goldfish audio
7e51381 goldfish_audio: Support 64-bit guests
a931717 coreaudio: Incorporate changes from the classic Android emulator
a50f6cf audio: Add winaudio as an alternative audio backend for Windows
b6acf13 audio: Import winaudio driver from the classic Android emulator
8903516 make the instruction sets of IA cpu comply with spec
$ cd external/gtest; git log --oneline --no-merges 56cad54..dabc7dd
aa242ae Use new sanitizer option.
0be0cc6 Allow to build host gtest libraries in unbundled build.
131a343 Don't explicitly set LOCAL_CLANG for host.