Mesa: [windows] Fix for RDP / Chrome Remote Desktop.

This fixesMesa to work properly under Remote Terminal or
Chrome Remote Desktop.

The main issue was that the Mesa WGL backend was still relying
on host GDI32-provided GetPixelFormat() / SetPixelFormat() functions
even though this is not needed. The patch removes this dependency.

For context see:

Change-Id: I1d5a027fdb02c492f26bbe1aa94ac4fd3a77a9bd
diff --git a/windows-x86/lib/opengl32.dll b/windows-x86/lib/opengl32.dll
index c3b09b7..82e3b7a 100755
--- a/windows-x86/lib/opengl32.dll
+++ b/windows-x86/lib/opengl32.dll
Binary files differ
diff --git a/windows-x86_64/lib/opengl32.dll b/windows-x86_64/lib/opengl32.dll
index 070438f..5d7c94a 100755
--- a/windows-x86_64/lib/opengl32.dll
+++ b/windows-x86_64/lib/opengl32.dll
Binary files differ