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<!-- Copyright (C) 2019 The Android Open Source Project
Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at
Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
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limitations under the License.
<resources xmlns:android="">
<overlayable name="NetworkStackConfig">
<policy type="product|system|vendor">
<!-- Configuration values for NetworkMonitor -->
<item type="integer" name="config_captive_portal_dns_probe_timeout"/>
<!-- Define the min and max range of the content-length that should be in the HTTP
response header of probe responses for the validation success/failed regexp to be
used. The RegExp will be used to match the probe response content when the
content-length is inside this interval(Strictly greater than the
config_min_matches_http_content_length and strictly smaller than the
config_max_matches_http_content_length). When the content-length is out of this
interval, the RegExp will not be used. -->
<item type="integer" name="config_min_matches_http_content_length"/>
<item type="integer" name="config_max_matches_http_content_length"/>
<item type="string" name="config_captive_portal_http_url"/>
<item type="string" name="config_captive_portal_https_url"/>
<!-- A regular expression to match the content of a network validation probe.
Treat the network validation as failed when the content matches the
config_network_validation_failed_content_regexp and treat the network validation
as success when the content matches the
config_network_validation_success_content_regexp. If the content matches both of
the config_network_validation_failed_content_regexp and the
config_network_validation_success_content_regexp, the result will be considered as
failed. -->
<item type="string" name="config_network_validation_failed_content_regexp"/>
<item type="string" name="config_network_validation_success_content_regexp"/>
<item type="array" name="config_captive_portal_http_urls"/>
<item type="array" name="config_captive_portal_https_urls"/>
<item type="array" name="config_captive_portal_fallback_urls"/>
<item type="bool" name="config_no_sim_card_uses_neighbor_mcc"/>
<!-- Configuration value for DhcpResults -->
<item type="array" name="config_default_dns_servers"/>
<!-- Configuration for including DHCP client hostname option.
If this option is true, client hostname set in Settings.Global.DEVICE_NAME will be
included in DHCPDISCOVER/DHCPREQUEST, otherwise, the DHCP hostname option will not
be sent. RFC952 and RFC1123 stipulates an valid hostname should be only comprised of
'a-z', 'A-Z' and '-', and the length should be up to 63 octets or less (RFC1035#2.3.4),
platform will perform best-effort transliteration for other characters. Anything that
could be used to identify the device uniquely is not recommended, e.g. user's name,
random number and etc.
<item type="bool" name="config_dhcp_client_hostname"/>
<!-- Customized neighbor unreachable probe parameters.
Legal config_*_num value should be in the range of 5-15; and config_*_interval value
should be in the range of 750-1000ms.
<item type="integer" name="config_nud_steadystate_solicit_num"/>
<item type="integer" name="config_nud_steadystate_solicit_interval"/>
<item type="integer" name="config_nud_postroaming_solicit_num"/>
<item type="integer" name="config_nud_postroaming_solicit_interval"/>
<!-- Whether to force considering DNS probes returning private IP addresses as failed
when attempting to detect captive portals.
The impact of this feature will be evaluated separately through experiments.
Force-enabling the feature regardless of the experiment results is not advised, as it
could result in valid captive portals being incorrectly classified as having no
<item type="bool" name="config_force_dns_probe_private_ip_no_internet"/>
<!-- Configurations for bandwidth check. -->
<item type="string" name="config_evaluating_bandwidth_url"/>
<item type="integer" name="config_evaluating_bandwidth_timeout_ms"/>
<item type="integer" name="config_evaluating_bandwidth_min_retry_timer_ms"/>
<item type="integer" name="config_evaluating_bandwidth_max_retry_timer_ms"/>