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The packages/experimental/ directory is for NON-SHIPPING code that is
not included with any flavor of the device, the SDK, or any other kind
of public release, but which might be useful for someone as a test
harness, development tool, or general fun times.
This directory, and all subdirectories, are public and published as
part of the Android Open Source Project.
>> Every package under this directory must have a README file <<
Official SDK development samples should NOT go here, they should go in
development/samples/ instead.
Unlike the rest of the tree, code in experimental/ is NOT built by
default, and may be arbitrarily broken. Caveat user! Individual
packages must be built directly with "mmm" or equivalent:
mmm packages/experimental/BugReportSender
Like a communal fridge, this directory will be cleaned periodically.
Every major release, we intend to remove and archive any package that
does not have an active owner and users.