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// Copyright 2020 The Android Open Source Project
// legacy app only used to preserve data and migrate to CellBroadcastApp.
// This will not be part of the Cellbroadcast mainline module.
// The app is included to system img by default. If OEMs have their own legacy
// app they can replace this one. If OEMs don't care about data loss or data
// migration complete, OEMs can remove this app going forward.
package {
// See: http://go/android-license-faq
// A large-scale-change added 'default_applicable_licenses' to import
// all of the 'license_kinds' from "packages_apps_CellBroadcastReceiver_license"
// to get the below license kinds:
// SPDX-license-identifier-Apache-2.0
default_applicable_licenses: [
android_app {
name: "CellBroadcastLegacyApp",
manifest: "AndroidManifest.xml",
certificate: "platform",
static_libs: [
libs: ["app-compat-annotations"],
srcs: [
privileged: true,
sdk_version: "system_current",