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#ifndef C2D_ColorConverter_H_
#define C2D_ColorConverter_H_
#include <c2d2.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
typedef C2D_STATUS (*LINK_c2dCreateSurface)( uint32 *surface_id,
uint32 surface_bits,
C2D_SURFACE_TYPE surface_type,
void *surface_definition );
typedef C2D_STATUS (*LINK_c2dUpdateSurface)( uint32 surface_id,
uint32 surface_bits,
C2D_SURFACE_TYPE surface_type,
void *surface_definition );
typedef C2D_STATUS (*LINK_c2dReadSurface)( uint32 surface_id,
C2D_SURFACE_TYPE surface_type,
void *surface_definition,
int32 x, int32 y );
typedef C2D_STATUS (*LINK_c2dDraw)( uint32 target_id,
uint32 target_config, C2D_RECT *target_scissor,
uint32 target_mask_id, uint32 target_color_key,
C2D_OBJECT *objects_list, uint32 num_objects );
typedef C2D_STATUS (*LINK_c2dFlush)( uint32 target_id, c2d_ts_handle *timestamp);
typedef C2D_STATUS (*LINK_c2dFinish)( uint32 target_id);
typedef C2D_STATUS (*LINK_c2dWaitTimestamp)( c2d_ts_handle timestamp );
typedef C2D_STATUS (*LINK_c2dDestroySurface)( uint32 surface_id );
typedef C2D_STATUS (*LINK_c2dMapAddr)( int mem_fd, void * hostptr, uint32 len, uint32 offset, uint32 flags, void ** gpuaddr);
typedef C2D_STATUS (*LINK_c2dUnMapAddr)(void * gpuaddr);
namespace android {
enum ColorConvertFormat {
RGB565 = 1,
typedef struct {
int32_t numerator;
int32_t denominator;
} C2DBytesPerPixel;
typedef struct {
int32_t width;
int32_t height;
int32_t stride;
int32_t sliceHeight;
int32_t lumaAlign;
int32_t sizeAlign;
int32_t size;
C2DBytesPerPixel bpp;
} C2DBuffReq;
typedef enum {
C2D_INPUT = 0,
class C2DColorConverterBase {
virtual ~C2DColorConverterBase(){};
virtual int convertC2D(int srcFd, void *srcBase, void * srcData, int dstFd, void *dstBase, void * dstData) = 0;
virtual int32_t getBuffReq(int32_t port, C2DBuffReq *req) = 0;
virtual int32_t dumpOutput(char * filename, char mode) = 0;
typedef C2DColorConverterBase* createC2DColorConverter_t(size_t srcWidth, size_t srcHeight, size_t dstWidth, size_t dstHeight, ColorConvertFormat srcFormat, ColorConvertFormat dstFormat, int32_t flags, size_t srcStride);
typedef void destroyC2DColorConverter_t(C2DColorConverterBase*);
#endif // C2D_ColorConverter_H_