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* limitations under the License.
#ifndef __HWC_LAYERS_H__
#define __HWC_LAYERS_H__
/* This class translates HWC2 Layer functions to the SDM LayerStack
#include <gralloc_priv.h>
#include <qdMetaData.h>
#include <core/layer_stack.h>
#define HWC2_USE_CPP11
#include <hardware/hwcomposer2.h>
#undef HWC2_USE_CPP11
#include <map>
#include <queue>
#include <set>
#include "core/buffer_allocator.h"
#include "hwc_buffer_allocator.h"
namespace sdm {
DisplayError SetCSC(const private_handle_t *pvt_handle, ColorMetaData *color_metadata);
bool GetColorPrimary(const int32_t &dataspace, ColorPrimaries *color_primary);
bool GetTransfer(const int32_t &dataspace, GammaTransfer *gamma_transfer);
void GetRange(const int32_t &dataspace, ColorRange *color_range);
bool GetSDMColorSpace(const int32_t &dataspace, ColorMetaData *color_metadata);
bool IsBT2020(const ColorPrimaries &color_primary);
enum GeometryChanges {
kNone = 0x000,
kBlendMode = 0x001,
kDataspace = 0x002,
kDisplayFrame = 0x004,
kPlaneAlpha = 0x008,
kSourceCrop = 0x010,
kTransform = 0x020,
kZOrder = 0x040,
kAdded = 0x080,
kRemoved = 0x100,
kBufferGeometry = 0x200,
class HWCLayer {
explicit HWCLayer(hwc2_display_t display_id, HWCBufferAllocator *buf_allocator);
uint32_t GetZ() const { return z_; }
hwc2_layer_t GetId() const { return id_; }
Layer *GetSDMLayer() { return layer_; }
HWC2::Error SetLayerBlendMode(HWC2::BlendMode mode);
HWC2::Error SetLayerBuffer(buffer_handle_t buffer, int32_t acquire_fence);
HWC2::Error SetLayerColor(hwc_color_t color);
HWC2::Error SetLayerCompositionType(HWC2::Composition type);
HWC2::Error SetLayerDataspace(int32_t dataspace);
HWC2::Error SetLayerDisplayFrame(hwc_rect_t frame);
HWC2::Error SetLayerPlaneAlpha(float alpha);
HWC2::Error SetLayerSourceCrop(hwc_frect_t crop);
HWC2::Error SetLayerSurfaceDamage(hwc_region_t damage);
HWC2::Error SetLayerTransform(HWC2::Transform transform);
HWC2::Error SetLayerVisibleRegion(hwc_region_t visible);
HWC2::Error SetLayerZOrder(uint32_t z);
void SetComposition(const LayerComposition &sdm_composition);
HWC2::Composition GetClientRequestedCompositionType() { return client_requested_; }
void UpdateClientCompositionType(HWC2::Composition type) { client_requested_ = type; }
HWC2::Composition GetDeviceSelectedCompositionType() { return device_selected_; }
int32_t GetLayerDataspace() { return dataspace_; }
uint32_t GetGeometryChanges() { return geometry_changes_; }
void ResetGeometryChanges() { geometry_changes_ = GeometryChanges::kNone; }
void PushReleaseFence(int32_t fence);
int32_t PopReleaseFence(void);
bool ValidateAndSetCSC();
bool SupportLocalConversion(ColorPrimaries working_primaries);
void ResetValidation() { needs_validate_ = false; }
bool NeedsValidation() { return (needs_validate_ || geometry_changes_); }
Layer *layer_ = nullptr;
uint32_t z_ = 0;
const hwc2_layer_t id_;
const hwc2_display_t display_id_;
static std::atomic<hwc2_layer_t> next_id_;
std::queue<int32_t> release_fences_;
int ion_fd_ = -1;
HWCBufferAllocator *buffer_allocator_ = NULL;
int32_t dataspace_ = HAL_DATASPACE_UNKNOWN;
bool needs_validate_ = true;
// Composition requested by client(SF)
HWC2::Composition client_requested_ = HWC2::Composition::Device;
// Composition selected by SDM
HWC2::Composition device_selected_ = HWC2::Composition::Device;
uint32_t geometry_changes_ = GeometryChanges::kNone;
void SetRect(const hwc_rect_t &source, LayerRect *target);
void SetRect(const hwc_frect_t &source, LayerRect *target);
uint32_t GetUint32Color(const hwc_color_t &source);
LayerBufferFormat GetSDMFormat(const int32_t &source, const int flags);
LayerBufferS3DFormat GetS3DFormat(uint32_t s3d_format);
DisplayError SetMetaData(const private_handle_t *pvt_handle, Layer *layer);
DisplayError SetIGC(IGC_t source, LayerIGC *target);
uint32_t RoundToStandardFPS(float fps);
struct SortLayersByZ {
bool operator()(const HWCLayer *lhs, const HWCLayer *rhs) const {
return lhs->GetZ() < rhs->GetZ();
} // namespace sdm
#endif // __HWC_LAYERS_H__