QCamera3: Rename property to disable HDR+

Use a new property to disable HDR+ so that the old property is
not effective anymore. This makes sure that we can enable Easel
HDR+ by default no matter what the old property was set to.

Test: CTS
Bug: 68223991
Merged-In: Ie774e21cd634a7e43f4286a4554e56422ac2b5b6
Change-Id: Ie774e21cd634a7e43f4286a4554e56422ac2b5b6
(cherry picked from commit 7e344b023903246c7e151bee19383ce940c981c2)
diff --git a/msm8998/QCamera2/HAL3/QCamera3HWI.cpp b/msm8998/QCamera2/HAL3/QCamera3HWI.cpp
index 1a84f62..771d35b 100644
--- a/msm8998/QCamera2/HAL3/QCamera3HWI.cpp
+++ b/msm8998/QCamera2/HAL3/QCamera3HWI.cpp
@@ -11205,7 +11205,7 @@
             ALOGE("%s: Suspending Easel failed: %s (%d)", __FUNCTION__, strerror(-res), res);
-        gEaselBypassOnly = !property_get_bool("persist.camera.hdrplus.enable", true);
+        gEaselBypassOnly = property_get_bool("persist.camera.hdrplus.disable", false);
         gEaselProfilingEnabled = property_get_bool("persist.camera.hdrplus.profiling", false);
         // Expose enableZsl key only when HDR+ mode is enabled.