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* Copyright (C) 2016 The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#ifndef __WIFI_HAL_H__
#define __WIFI_HAL_H__
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C"
#include <stdint.h>
/* WiFi Common definitions */
/* channel operating width */
typedef enum {
} wifi_channel_width;
typedef int wifi_radio;
typedef int wifi_channel;
typedef struct {
wifi_channel_width width;
int center_frequency0;
int center_frequency1;
int primary_frequency;
} wifi_channel_spec;
typedef enum {
WIFI_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE = -4, // Not available right now, but try later
WIFI_ERROR_TOO_MANY_REQUESTS = -8, // Too many instances of this request
} wifi_error;
typedef unsigned char byte;
typedef unsigned char u8;
typedef signed char s8;
typedef uint16_t u16;
typedef uint32_t u32;
typedef int32_t s32;
typedef uint64_t u64;
typedef int64_t s64;
typedef int wifi_request_id;
typedef int wifi_channel; // indicates channel frequency in MHz
typedef int wifi_rssi;
typedef byte mac_addr[6];
typedef byte oui[3];
typedef int64_t wifi_timestamp; // In microseconds (us)
typedef int64_t wifi_timespan; // In picoseconds (ps)
struct wifi_info;
struct wifi_interface_info;
typedef struct wifi_info *wifi_handle;
typedef struct wifi_interface_info *wifi_interface_handle;
/* Initialize/Cleanup */
wifi_error wifi_initialize(wifi_handle *handle);
typedef void (*wifi_cleaned_up_handler) (wifi_handle handle);
void wifi_cleanup(wifi_handle handle, wifi_cleaned_up_handler handler);
void wifi_event_loop(wifi_handle handle);
/* Error handling */
void wifi_get_error_info(wifi_error err, const char **msg); // return a pointer to a static string
/* Feature enums */
#define WIFI_FEATURE_INFRA 0x0001 // Basic infrastructure mode
#define WIFI_FEATURE_INFRA_5G 0x0002 // Support for 5 GHz Band
#define WIFI_FEATURE_HOTSPOT 0x0004 // Support for GAS/ANQP
#define WIFI_FEATURE_P2P 0x0008 // Wifi-Direct
#define WIFI_FEATURE_SOFT_AP 0x0010 // Soft AP
#define WIFI_FEATURE_GSCAN 0x0020 // Google-Scan APIs
#define WIFI_FEATURE_NAN 0x0040 // Neighbor Awareness Networking
#define WIFI_FEATURE_D2D_RTT 0x0080 // Device-to-device RTT
#define WIFI_FEATURE_D2AP_RTT 0x0100 // Device-to-AP RTT
#define WIFI_FEATURE_BATCH_SCAN 0x0200 // Batched Scan (legacy)
#define WIFI_FEATURE_PNO 0x0400 // Preferred network offload
#define WIFI_FEATURE_ADDITIONAL_STA 0x0800 // Support for two STAs
#define WIFI_FEATURE_TDLS 0x1000 // Tunnel directed link setup
#define WIFI_FEATURE_TDLS_OFFCHANNEL 0x2000 // Support for TDLS off channel
#define WIFI_FEATURE_EPR 0x4000 // Enhanced power reporting
#define WIFI_FEATURE_AP_STA 0x8000 // Support for AP STA Concurrency
#define WIFI_FEATURE_LINK_LAYER_STATS 0x10000 // Link layer stats collection
#define WIFI_FEATURE_LOGGER 0x20000 // WiFi Logger
#define WIFI_FEATURE_HAL_EPNO 0x40000 // WiFi PNO enhanced
#define WIFI_FEATURE_RSSI_MONITOR 0x80000 // RSSI Monitor
#define WIFI_FEATURE_MKEEP_ALIVE 0x100000 // WiFi mkeep_alive
#define WIFI_FEATURE_CONFIG_NDO 0x200000 // ND offload configure
#define WIFI_FEATURE_TX_TRANSMIT_POWER 0x400000 // Capture Tx transmit power levels
// Add more features here
typedef int feature_set;
#define IS_MASK_SET(mask, flags) ((flags & mask) == mask)
#define IS_SUPPORTED_FEATURE(feature, featureSet) IS_MASK_SET(feature, featureSet)
/* Feature set */
wifi_error wifi_get_supported_feature_set(wifi_interface_handle handle, feature_set *set);
* Each row represents a valid feature combination;
* all other combinations are invalid!
wifi_error wifi_get_concurrency_matrix(wifi_interface_handle handle, int set_size_max,
feature_set set[], int *set_size);
/* multiple interface support */
wifi_error wifi_get_ifaces(wifi_handle handle, int *num_ifaces, wifi_interface_handle **ifaces);
wifi_error wifi_get_iface_name(wifi_interface_handle iface, char *name, size_t size);
/* Configuration events */
typedef struct {
void (*on_country_code_changed)(char code[2]); // We can get this from supplicant too
// More event handlers
} wifi_event_handler;
typedef struct {
void (*on_rssi_threshold_breached)(wifi_request_id id, u8 *cur_bssid, s8 cur_rssi);
} wifi_rssi_event_handler;
wifi_error wifi_set_iface_event_handler(wifi_request_id id, wifi_interface_handle iface, wifi_event_handler eh);
wifi_error wifi_reset_iface_event_handler(wifi_request_id id, wifi_interface_handle iface);
wifi_error wifi_set_nodfs_flag(wifi_interface_handle handle, u32 nodfs);
typedef struct rx_data_cnt_details_t {
int rx_unicast_cnt; /*Total rx unicast packet which woke up host */
int rx_multicast_cnt; /*Total rx multicast packet which woke up host */
int rx_broadcast_cnt; /*Total rx broadcast packet which woke up host */
typedef struct rx_wake_pkt_type_classification_t {
int icmp_pkt; /*wake icmp packet count */
int icmp6_pkt; /*wake icmp6 packet count */
int icmp6_ra; /*wake icmp6 RA packet count */
int icmp6_na; /*wake icmp6 NA packet count */
int icmp6_ns; /*wake icmp6 NS packet count */
//ToDo: Any more interesting classification to add?
typedef struct rx_multicast_cnt_t{
int ipv4_rx_multicast_addr_cnt; /*Rx wake packet was ipv4 multicast */
int ipv6_rx_multicast_addr_cnt; /*Rx wake packet was ipv6 multicast */
int other_rx_multicast_addr_cnt;/*Rx wake packet was non-ipv4 and non-ipv6*/
* Structure holding all the driver/firmware wake count reasons.
* Buffers for the array fields (cmd_event_wake_cnt/driver_fw_local_wake_cnt)
* are allocated and freed by the framework. The size of each allocated
* array is indicated by the corresponding |_cnt| field. HAL needs to fill in
* the corresponding |_used| field to indicate the number of elements used in
* the array.
typedef struct wlan_driver_wake_reason_cnt_t {
int total_cmd_event_wake; /* Total count of cmd event wakes */
int *cmd_event_wake_cnt; /* Individual wake count array, each index a reason */
int cmd_event_wake_cnt_sz; /* Max number of cmd event wake reasons */
int cmd_event_wake_cnt_used; /* Number of cmd event wake reasons specific to the driver */
int total_driver_fw_local_wake; /* Total count of drive/fw wakes, for local reasons */
int *driver_fw_local_wake_cnt; /* Individual wake count array, each index a reason */
int driver_fw_local_wake_cnt_sz; /* Max number of local driver/fw wake reasons */
int driver_fw_local_wake_cnt_used; /* Number of local driver/fw wake reasons specific to the driver */
int total_rx_data_wake; /* total data rx packets, that woke up host */
RX_DATA_WAKE_CNT_DETAILS rx_wake_details;
RX_WAKE_PKT_TYPE_CLASSFICATION rx_wake_pkt_classification_info;
RX_MULTICAST_WAKE_DATA_CNT rx_multicast_wake_pkt_info;
/* include various feature headers */
#include "gscan.h"
#include "link_layer_stats.h"
#include "rtt.h"
#include "tdls.h"
#include "wifi_logger.h"
#include "wifi_config.h"
#include "wifi_nan.h"
#include "wifi_offload.h"
//wifi HAL function pointer table
typedef struct {
wifi_error (* wifi_initialize) (wifi_handle *);
void (* wifi_cleanup) (wifi_handle, wifi_cleaned_up_handler);
void (*wifi_event_loop)(wifi_handle);
void (* wifi_get_error_info) (wifi_error , const char **);
wifi_error (* wifi_get_supported_feature_set) (wifi_interface_handle, feature_set *);
wifi_error (* wifi_get_concurrency_matrix) (wifi_interface_handle, int, feature_set *, int *);
wifi_error (* wifi_set_scanning_mac_oui) (wifi_interface_handle, unsigned char *);
wifi_error (* wifi_get_supported_channels)(wifi_handle, int *, wifi_channel *);
wifi_error (* wifi_is_epr_supported)(wifi_handle);
wifi_error (* wifi_get_ifaces) (wifi_handle , int *, wifi_interface_handle **);
wifi_error (* wifi_get_iface_name) (wifi_interface_handle, char *name, size_t);
wifi_error (* wifi_set_iface_event_handler) (wifi_request_id,wifi_interface_handle ,
wifi_error (* wifi_reset_iface_event_handler) (wifi_request_id, wifi_interface_handle);
wifi_error (* wifi_start_gscan) (wifi_request_id, wifi_interface_handle, wifi_scan_cmd_params,
wifi_error (* wifi_stop_gscan)(wifi_request_id, wifi_interface_handle);
wifi_error (* wifi_get_cached_gscan_results)(wifi_interface_handle, byte, int,
wifi_cached_scan_results *, int *);
wifi_error (* wifi_set_bssid_hotlist)(wifi_request_id, wifi_interface_handle,
wifi_bssid_hotlist_params, wifi_hotlist_ap_found_handler);
wifi_error (* wifi_reset_bssid_hotlist)(wifi_request_id, wifi_interface_handle);
wifi_error (* wifi_set_significant_change_handler)(wifi_request_id, wifi_interface_handle,
wifi_significant_change_params, wifi_significant_change_handler);
wifi_error (* wifi_reset_significant_change_handler)(wifi_request_id, wifi_interface_handle);
wifi_error (* wifi_get_gscan_capabilities)(wifi_interface_handle, wifi_gscan_capabilities *);
wifi_error (* wifi_set_link_stats) (wifi_interface_handle, wifi_link_layer_params);
wifi_error (* wifi_get_link_stats) (wifi_request_id,wifi_interface_handle,
wifi_error (* wifi_clear_link_stats)(wifi_interface_handle,u32, u32 *, u8, u8 *);
wifi_error (* wifi_get_valid_channels)(wifi_interface_handle,int, int, wifi_channel *, int *);
wifi_error (* wifi_rtt_range_request)(wifi_request_id, wifi_interface_handle, unsigned,
wifi_rtt_config[], wifi_rtt_event_handler);
wifi_error (* wifi_rtt_range_cancel)(wifi_request_id, wifi_interface_handle, unsigned,
wifi_error (* wifi_get_rtt_capabilities)(wifi_interface_handle, wifi_rtt_capabilities *);
wifi_error (* wifi_rtt_get_responder_info)(wifi_interface_handle iface,
wifi_rtt_responder *responder_info);
wifi_error (* wifi_enable_responder)(wifi_request_id id, wifi_interface_handle iface,
wifi_channel_info channel_hint, unsigned max_duration_seconds,
wifi_rtt_responder *responder_info);
wifi_error (* wifi_disable_responder)(wifi_request_id id, wifi_interface_handle iface);
wifi_error (* wifi_set_nodfs_flag)(wifi_interface_handle, u32);
wifi_error (* wifi_start_logging)(wifi_interface_handle, u32, u32, u32, u32, char *);
wifi_error (* wifi_set_epno_list)(wifi_request_id, wifi_interface_handle,
const wifi_epno_params *, wifi_epno_handler);
wifi_error (* wifi_reset_epno_list)(wifi_request_id, wifi_interface_handle);
wifi_error (* wifi_set_country_code)(wifi_interface_handle, const char *);
wifi_error (* wifi_get_firmware_memory_dump)( wifi_interface_handle iface,
wifi_firmware_memory_dump_handler handler);
wifi_error (* wifi_set_log_handler)(wifi_request_id id, wifi_interface_handle iface,
wifi_ring_buffer_data_handler handler);
wifi_error (* wifi_reset_log_handler)(wifi_request_id id, wifi_interface_handle iface);
wifi_error (* wifi_set_alert_handler)(wifi_request_id id, wifi_interface_handle iface,
wifi_alert_handler handler);
wifi_error (* wifi_reset_alert_handler)(wifi_request_id id, wifi_interface_handle iface);
wifi_error (* wifi_get_firmware_version)(wifi_interface_handle iface, char *buffer,
int buffer_size);
wifi_error (* wifi_get_ring_buffers_status)(wifi_interface_handle iface,
u32 *num_rings, wifi_ring_buffer_status *status);
wifi_error (* wifi_get_logger_supported_feature_set)(wifi_interface_handle iface,
unsigned int *support);
wifi_error (* wifi_get_ring_data)(wifi_interface_handle iface, char *ring_name);
wifi_error (* wifi_enable_tdls)(wifi_interface_handle, mac_addr, wifi_tdls_params *,
wifi_error (* wifi_disable_tdls)(wifi_interface_handle, mac_addr);
wifi_error (*wifi_get_tdls_status) (wifi_interface_handle, mac_addr, wifi_tdls_status *);
wifi_error (*wifi_get_tdls_capabilities)(wifi_interface_handle iface,
wifi_tdls_capabilities *capabilities);
wifi_error (* wifi_get_driver_version)(wifi_interface_handle iface, char *buffer,
int buffer_size);
wifi_error (* wifi_set_passpoint_list)(wifi_request_id id, wifi_interface_handle iface,
int num, wifi_passpoint_network *networks, wifi_passpoint_event_handler handler);
wifi_error (* wifi_reset_passpoint_list)(wifi_request_id id, wifi_interface_handle iface);
wifi_error (*wifi_set_bssid_blacklist)(wifi_request_id id, wifi_interface_handle iface,
wifi_bssid_params params);
wifi_error (*wifi_set_lci) (wifi_request_id id, wifi_interface_handle iface,
wifi_lci_information *lci);
wifi_error (*wifi_set_lcr) (wifi_request_id id, wifi_interface_handle iface,
wifi_lcr_information *lcr);
wifi_error (*wifi_start_sending_offloaded_packet)(wifi_request_id id,
wifi_interface_handle iface, u8 *ip_packet, u16 ip_packet_len,
u8 *src_mac_addr, u8 *dst_mac_addr, u32 period_msec);
wifi_error (*wifi_stop_sending_offloaded_packet)(wifi_request_id id,
wifi_interface_handle iface);
wifi_error (*wifi_start_rssi_monitoring)(wifi_request_id id, wifi_interface_handle
iface, s8 max_rssi, s8 min_rssi, wifi_rssi_event_handler eh);
wifi_error (*wifi_stop_rssi_monitoring)(wifi_request_id id, wifi_interface_handle iface);
wifi_error (*wifi_get_wake_reason_stats)(wifi_interface_handle iface,
WLAN_DRIVER_WAKE_REASON_CNT *wifi_wake_reason_cnt);
wifi_error (*wifi_configure_nd_offload)(wifi_interface_handle iface, u8 enable);
wifi_error (*wifi_get_driver_memory_dump)(wifi_interface_handle iface,
wifi_driver_memory_dump_callbacks callbacks);
wifi_error (*wifi_start_pkt_fate_monitoring)(wifi_interface_handle iface);
wifi_error (*wifi_get_tx_pkt_fates)(wifi_interface_handle handle,
wifi_tx_report *tx_report_bufs,
size_t n_requested_fates,
size_t *n_provided_fates);
wifi_error (*wifi_get_rx_pkt_fates)(wifi_interface_handle handle,
wifi_rx_report *rx_report_bufs,
size_t n_requested_fates,
size_t *n_provided_fates);
/* NAN functions */
wifi_error (*wifi_nan_enable_request)(transaction_id id,
wifi_interface_handle iface,
NanEnableRequest* msg);
wifi_error (*wifi_nan_disable_request)(transaction_id id,
wifi_interface_handle iface);
wifi_error (*wifi_nan_publish_request)(transaction_id id,
wifi_interface_handle iface,
NanPublishRequest* msg);
wifi_error (*wifi_nan_publish_cancel_request)(transaction_id id,
wifi_interface_handle iface,
NanPublishCancelRequest* msg);
wifi_error (*wifi_nan_subscribe_request)(transaction_id id,
wifi_interface_handle iface,
NanSubscribeRequest* msg);
wifi_error (*wifi_nan_subscribe_cancel_request)(transaction_id id,
wifi_interface_handle iface,
NanSubscribeCancelRequest* msg);
wifi_error (*wifi_nan_transmit_followup_request)(transaction_id id,
wifi_interface_handle iface,
NanTransmitFollowupRequest* msg);
wifi_error (*wifi_nan_stats_request)(transaction_id id,
wifi_interface_handle iface,
NanStatsRequest* msg);
wifi_error (*wifi_nan_config_request)(transaction_id id,
wifi_interface_handle iface,
NanConfigRequest* msg);
wifi_error (*wifi_nan_tca_request)(transaction_id id,
wifi_interface_handle iface,
NanTCARequest* msg);
wifi_error (*wifi_nan_beacon_sdf_payload_request)(transaction_id id,
wifi_interface_handle iface,
NanBeaconSdfPayloadRequest* msg);
wifi_error (*wifi_nan_register_handler)(wifi_interface_handle iface,
NanCallbackHandler handlers);
wifi_error (*wifi_nan_get_version)(wifi_handle handle,
NanVersion* version);
wifi_error (*wifi_nan_get_capabilities)(transaction_id id,
wifi_interface_handle iface);
* Returns the chipset's hardware filtering capabilities:
* @param version pointer to version of the packet filter interpreter
*                supported, filled in upon return. 0 indicates no support.
* @param max_len pointer to maximum size of the filter bytecode, filled in
*                upon return.
wifi_error (*wifi_get_packet_filter_capabilities)(wifi_interface_handle handle,
u32 *version, u32 *max_len);
    * Programs the packet filter.
* @param program pointer to the program byte-code.
* @param len length of the program byte-code.
wifi_error (*wifi_set_packet_filter)(wifi_interface_handle handle,
const u8 *program, u32 len);
} wifi_hal_fn;
wifi_error init_wifi_vendor_hal_func_table(wifi_hal_fn *fn);
#ifdef __cplusplus