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* Copyright (C) 2012 The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#include <stdbool.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <sys/cdefs.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <hardware/hardware.h>
* The Bluetooth Hardware Module ID
#define BT_HARDWARE_MODULE_ID "bluetooth"
#define BT_STACK_MODULE_ID "bluetooth"
#define BT_STACK_TEST_MODULE_ID "bluetooth_test"
/* Bluetooth profile interface IDs */
#define BT_PROFILE_HANDSFREE_ID "handsfree"
#define BT_PROFILE_HANDSFREE_CLIENT_ID "handsfree_client"
#define BT_PROFILE_HEALTH_ID "health"
#define BT_PROFILE_SOCKETS_ID "socket"
#define BT_PROFILE_HIDHOST_ID "hidhost"
#define BT_PROFILE_PAN_ID "pan"
#define BT_PROFILE_MAP_CLIENT_ID "map_client"
#define BT_PROFILE_GATT_ID "gatt"
#define BT_PROFILE_AV_RC_ID "avrcp"
#define BT_PROFILE_AV_RC_CTRL_ID "avrcp_ctrl"
/** Bluetooth Address */
typedef struct {
uint8_t address[6];
} __attribute__((packed))bt_bdaddr_t;
/** Bluetooth Device Name */
typedef struct {
uint8_t name[249];
} __attribute__((packed))bt_bdname_t;
/** Bluetooth Adapter Visibility Modes*/
typedef enum {
} bt_scan_mode_t;
/** Bluetooth Adapter State */
typedef enum {
} bt_state_t;
/** Bluetooth Error Status */
/** We need to build on this */
typedef enum {
BT_STATUS_DONE, /* request already completed */
} bt_status_t;
/** Bluetooth PinKey Code */
typedef struct {
uint8_t pin[16];
} __attribute__((packed))bt_pin_code_t;
typedef struct {
uint8_t status;
uint8_t ctrl_state; /* stack reported state */
uint64_t tx_time; /* in ms */
uint64_t rx_time; /* in ms */
uint64_t idle_time; /* in ms */
uint64_t energy_used; /* a product of mA, V and ms */
} __attribute__((packed))bt_activity_energy_info;
/** Bluetooth Adapter Discovery state */
typedef enum {
} bt_discovery_state_t;
/** Bluetooth ACL connection state */
typedef enum {
} bt_acl_state_t;
/** Bluetooth 128-bit UUID */
typedef struct {
uint8_t uu[16];
} bt_uuid_t;
/** Bluetooth SDP service record */
typedef struct
bt_uuid_t uuid;
uint16_t channel;
char name[256]; // what's the maximum length
} bt_service_record_t;
/** Bluetooth Remote Version info */
typedef struct
int version;
int sub_ver;
int manufacturer;
} bt_remote_version_t;
typedef struct
uint16_t version_supported;
uint8_t local_privacy_enabled;
uint8_t max_adv_instance;
uint8_t rpa_offload_supported;
uint8_t max_irk_list_size;
uint8_t max_adv_filter_supported;
uint8_t activity_energy_info_supported;
uint16_t scan_result_storage_size;
uint16_t total_trackable_advertisers;
bool extended_scan_support;
bool debug_logging_supported;
/* Bluetooth Adapter and Remote Device property types */
typedef enum {
/* Properties common to both adapter and remote device */
* Description - Bluetooth Device Name
* Access mode - Adapter name can be GET/SET. Remote device can be GET
* Data type - bt_bdname_t
* Description - Bluetooth Device Address
* Access mode - Only GET.
* Data type - bt_bdaddr_t
* Description - Bluetooth Service 128-bit UUIDs
* Access mode - Only GET.
* Data type - Array of bt_uuid_t (Array size inferred from property length).
* Description - Bluetooth Class of Device as found in Assigned Numbers
* Access mode - Only GET.
* Data type - uint32_t.
* Description - Device Type - BREDR, BLE or DUAL Mode
* Access mode - Only GET.
* Data type - bt_device_type_t
* Description - Bluetooth Service Record
* Access mode - Only GET.
* Data type - bt_service_record_t
/* Properties unique to adapter */
* Description - Bluetooth Adapter scan mode
* Access mode - GET and SET
* Data type - bt_scan_mode_t.
* Description - List of bonded devices
* Access mode - Only GET.
* Data type - Array of bt_bdaddr_t of the bonded remote devices
* (Array size inferred from property length).
* Description - Bluetooth Adapter Discovery timeout (in seconds)
* Access mode - GET and SET
* Data type - uint32_t
/* Properties unique to remote device */
* Description - User defined friendly name of the remote device
* Access mode - GET and SET
* Data type - bt_bdname_t.
* Description - RSSI value of the inquired remote device
* Access mode - Only GET.
* Data type - int32_t.
* Description - Remote version info
* Access mode - SET/GET.
* Data type - bt_remote_version_t.
* Description - Local LE features
* Access mode - GET.
* Data type - bt_local_le_features_t.
} bt_property_type_t;
/** Bluetooth Adapter Property data structure */
typedef struct
bt_property_type_t type;
int len;
void *val;
} bt_property_t;
/** Bluetooth Device Type */
typedef enum {
} bt_device_type_t;
/** Bluetooth Bond state */
typedef enum {
} bt_bond_state_t;
/** Bluetooth SSP Bonding Variant */
typedef enum {
} bt_ssp_variant_t;
#define BT_MAX_NUM_UUIDS 32
/** Bluetooth Interface callbacks */
/** Bluetooth Enable/Disable Callback. */
typedef void (*adapter_state_changed_callback)(bt_state_t state);
/** GET/SET Adapter Properties callback */
/* TODO: For the GET/SET property APIs/callbacks, we may need a session
* identifier to associate the call with the callback. This would be needed
* whenever more than one simultaneous instance of the same adapter_type
* is get/set.
* If this is going to be handled in the Java framework, then we do not need
* to manage sessions here.
typedef void (*adapter_properties_callback)(bt_status_t status,
int num_properties,
bt_property_t *properties);
/** GET/SET Remote Device Properties callback */
/** TODO: For remote device properties, do not see a need to get/set
* multiple properties - num_properties shall be 1
typedef void (*remote_device_properties_callback)(bt_status_t status,
bt_bdaddr_t *bd_addr,
int num_properties,
bt_property_t *properties);
/** New device discovered callback */
/** If EIR data is not present, then BD_NAME and RSSI shall be NULL and -1
* respectively */
typedef void (*device_found_callback)(int num_properties,
bt_property_t *properties);
/** Discovery state changed callback */
typedef void (*discovery_state_changed_callback)(bt_discovery_state_t state);
/** Bluetooth Legacy PinKey Request callback */
typedef void (*pin_request_callback)(bt_bdaddr_t *remote_bd_addr,
bt_bdname_t *bd_name, uint32_t cod, bool min_16_digit);
/** Bluetooth SSP Request callback - Just Works & Numeric Comparison*/
/** pass_key - Shall be 0 for BT_SSP_PAIRING_VARIANT_CONSENT &
/* TODO: Passkey request callback shall not be needed for devices with display
* capability. We still need support this in the stack for completeness */
typedef void (*ssp_request_callback)(bt_bdaddr_t *remote_bd_addr,
bt_bdname_t *bd_name,
uint32_t cod,
bt_ssp_variant_t pairing_variant,
uint32_t pass_key);
/** Bluetooth Bond state changed callback */
/* Invoked in response to create_bond, cancel_bond or remove_bond */
typedef void (*bond_state_changed_callback)(bt_status_t status,
bt_bdaddr_t *remote_bd_addr,
bt_bond_state_t state);
/** Bluetooth ACL connection state changed callback */
typedef void (*acl_state_changed_callback)(bt_status_t status, bt_bdaddr_t *remote_bd_addr,
bt_acl_state_t state);
typedef enum {
} bt_cb_thread_evt;
/** Thread Associate/Disassociate JVM Callback */
/* Callback that is invoked by the callback thread to allow upper layer to attach/detach to/from
* the JVM */
typedef void (*callback_thread_event)(bt_cb_thread_evt evt);
/** Bluetooth Test Mode Callback */
/* Receive any HCI event from controller. Must be in DUT Mode for this callback to be received */
typedef void (*dut_mode_recv_callback)(uint16_t opcode, uint8_t *buf, uint8_t len);
/* LE Test mode callbacks
* This callback shall be invoked whenever the le_tx_test, le_rx_test or le_test_end is invoked
* The num_packets is valid only for le_test_end command */
typedef void (*le_test_mode_callback)(bt_status_t status, uint16_t num_packets);
/** Callback invoked when energy details are obtained */
/* Ctrl_state-Current controller state-Active-1,scan-2,or idle-3 state as defined by HCI spec.
* If the ctrl_state value is 0, it means the API call failed
* Time values-In milliseconds as returned by the controller
* Energy used-Value as returned by the controller
* Status-Provides the status of the read_energy_info API call */
typedef void (*energy_info_callback)(bt_activity_energy_info *energy_info);
/** TODO: Add callbacks for Link Up/Down and other generic
* notifications/callbacks */
/** Bluetooth DM callback structure. */
typedef struct {
/** set to sizeof(bt_callbacks_t) */
size_t size;
adapter_state_changed_callback adapter_state_changed_cb;
adapter_properties_callback adapter_properties_cb;
remote_device_properties_callback remote_device_properties_cb;
device_found_callback device_found_cb;
discovery_state_changed_callback discovery_state_changed_cb;
pin_request_callback pin_request_cb;
ssp_request_callback ssp_request_cb;
bond_state_changed_callback bond_state_changed_cb;
acl_state_changed_callback acl_state_changed_cb;
callback_thread_event thread_evt_cb;
dut_mode_recv_callback dut_mode_recv_cb;
le_test_mode_callback le_test_mode_cb;
energy_info_callback energy_info_cb;
} bt_callbacks_t;
typedef void (*alarm_cb)(void *data);
typedef bool (*set_wake_alarm_callout)(uint64_t delay_millis, bool should_wake, alarm_cb cb, void *data);
typedef int (*acquire_wake_lock_callout)(const char *lock_name);
typedef int (*release_wake_lock_callout)(const char *lock_name);
/** The set of functions required by bluedroid to set wake alarms and
* grab wake locks. This struct is passed into the stack through the
* |set_os_callouts| function on |bt_interface_t|.
typedef struct {
/* set to sizeof(bt_os_callouts_t) */
size_t size;
set_wake_alarm_callout set_wake_alarm;
acquire_wake_lock_callout acquire_wake_lock;
release_wake_lock_callout release_wake_lock;
} bt_os_callouts_t;
/** NOTE: By default, no profiles are initialized at the time of init/enable.
* Whenever the application invokes the 'init' API of a profile, then one of
* the following shall occur:
* 1.) If Bluetooth is not enabled, then the Bluetooth core shall mark the
* profile as enabled. Subsequently, when the application invokes the
* Bluetooth 'enable', as part of the enable sequence the profile that were
* marked shall be enabled by calling appropriate stack APIs. The
* 'adapter_properties_cb' shall return the list of UUIDs of the
* enabled profiles.
* 2.) If Bluetooth is enabled, then the Bluetooth core shall invoke the stack
* profile API to initialize the profile and trigger a
* 'adapter_properties_cb' with the current list of UUIDs including the
* newly added profile's UUID.
* The reverse shall occur whenever the profile 'cleanup' APIs are invoked
/** Represents the standard Bluetooth DM interface. */
typedef struct {
/** set to sizeof(bt_interface_t) */
size_t size;
* Opens the interface and provides the callback routines
* to the implemenation of this interface.
int (*init)(bt_callbacks_t* callbacks );
/** Enable Bluetooth. */
int (*enable)(void);
/** Disable Bluetooth. */
int (*disable)(void);
/** Closes the interface. */
void (*cleanup)(void);
/** Get all Bluetooth Adapter properties at init */
int (*get_adapter_properties)(void);
/** Get Bluetooth Adapter property of 'type' */
int (*get_adapter_property)(bt_property_type_t type);
/** Set Bluetooth Adapter property of 'type' */
/* Based on the type, val shall be one of
* bt_bdaddr_t or bt_bdname_t or bt_scanmode_t etc
int (*set_adapter_property)(const bt_property_t *property);
/** Get all Remote Device properties */
int (*get_remote_device_properties)(bt_bdaddr_t *remote_addr);
/** Get Remote Device property of 'type' */
int (*get_remote_device_property)(bt_bdaddr_t *remote_addr,
bt_property_type_t type);
/** Set Remote Device property of 'type' */
int (*set_remote_device_property)(bt_bdaddr_t *remote_addr,
const bt_property_t *property);
/** Get Remote Device's service record for the given UUID */
int (*get_remote_service_record)(bt_bdaddr_t *remote_addr,
bt_uuid_t *uuid);
/** Start SDP to get remote services */
int (*get_remote_services)(bt_bdaddr_t *remote_addr);
/** Start Discovery */
int (*start_discovery)(void);
/** Cancel Discovery */
int (*cancel_discovery)(void);
/** Create Bluetooth Bonding */
int (*create_bond)(const bt_bdaddr_t *bd_addr, int transport);
/** Remove Bond */
int (*remove_bond)(const bt_bdaddr_t *bd_addr);
/** Cancel Bond */
int (*cancel_bond)(const bt_bdaddr_t *bd_addr);
* Get the connection status for a given remote device.
* return value of 0 means the device is not connected,
* non-zero return status indicates an active connection.
int (*get_connection_state)(const bt_bdaddr_t *bd_addr);
/** BT Legacy PinKey Reply */
/** If accept==FALSE, then pin_len and pin_code shall be 0x0 */
int (*pin_reply)(const bt_bdaddr_t *bd_addr, uint8_t accept,
uint8_t pin_len, bt_pin_code_t *pin_code);
/** BT SSP Reply - Just Works, Numeric Comparison and Passkey
* passkey shall be zero for BT_SSP_VARIANT_PASSKEY_COMPARISON &
* For BT_SSP_VARIANT_PASSKEY_ENTRY, if accept==FALSE, then passkey
* shall be zero */
int (*ssp_reply)(const bt_bdaddr_t *bd_addr, bt_ssp_variant_t variant,
uint8_t accept, uint32_t passkey);
/** Get Bluetooth profile interface */
const void* (*get_profile_interface) (const char *profile_id);
/** Bluetooth Test Mode APIs - Bluetooth must be enabled for these APIs */
/* Configure DUT Mode - Use this mode to enter/exit DUT mode */
int (*dut_mode_configure)(uint8_t enable);
/* Send any test HCI (vendor-specific) command to the controller. Must be in DUT Mode */
int (*dut_mode_send)(uint16_t opcode, uint8_t *buf, uint8_t len);
/** BLE Test Mode APIs */
/* opcode MUST be one of: LE_Receiver_Test, LE_Transmitter_Test, LE_Test_End */
int (*le_test_mode)(uint16_t opcode, uint8_t *buf, uint8_t len);
/* enable or disable bluetooth HCI snoop log */
int (*config_hci_snoop_log)(uint8_t enable);
/** Sets the OS call-out functions that bluedroid needs for alarms and wake locks.
* This should be called immediately after a successful |init|.
int (*set_os_callouts)(bt_os_callouts_t *callouts);
/** Read Energy info details - return value indicates BT_STATUS_SUCCESS or BT_STATUS_NOT_READY
* Success indicates that the VSC command was sent to controller
int (*read_energy_info)();
* Native support for dumpsys function
* Function is synchronous and |fd| is owned by caller.
void (*dump)(int fd);
* Clear /data/misc/bt_config.conf and erase all stored connections
int (*config_clear)(void);
* Clear (reset) the dynamic portion of the device interoperability database.
void (*interop_database_clear)(void);
* Add a new device interoperability workaround for a remote device whose
* first |len| bytes of the its device address match |addr|.
* NOTE: |feature| has to match an item defined in interop_feature_t (interop.h).
void (*interop_database_add)(uint16_t feature, const bt_bdaddr_t *addr, size_t len);
} bt_interface_t;
/** TODO: Need to add APIs for Service Discovery, Service authorization and
* connection management. Also need to add APIs for configuring
* properties of remote bonded devices such as name, UUID etc. */
typedef struct {
struct hw_device_t common;
const bt_interface_t* (*get_bluetooth_interface)();
} bluetooth_device_t;
typedef bluetooth_device_t bluetooth_module_t;