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  1. libhealthhalutils/
  2. libhealthservice/
  3. libhealthstoragedefault/


A convenience library for (hwbinder) clients of health HAL to choose between the “default” instance (served by vendor service) or “backup” instance (served by healthd). C++ clients of health HAL should use this library instead of calling IHealth::getService() directly.

Its Java equivalent can be found in BatteryService.HealthServiceWrapper.


Common code for all (hwbinder) services of the health HAL, including healthd and vendor health service<vendor>). main() in those binaries calls health_service_main() directly.


Default implementation for storage related APIs for (hwbinder) services of the health HAL. If an implementation of the health HAL do not wish to provide any storage info, include this library. Otherwise, it should implement the following two functions:

void get_storage_info(std::vector<struct StorageInfo>& info) {
    // ...
void get_disk_stats(std::vector<struct DiskStats>& stats) {
    // ...