Fix potential decrypt src pointer overflow.

There is a potential integer overflow to bypass the
source base size check in decrypt. The source pointer
can then point to the outside of the source buffer,
which could potentially leak arbitrary memory content
to destination pointer.

Test: sts-tradefed
  sts-tradefed run sts-engbuild-no-spl-lock -m StsHostTestCases --test

Test: push to device with target_hwasan-userdebug build
  adb shell /data/local/tmp/Bug-17649616064

Bug: 176496160
Bug: 176444786
Change-Id: I811a6f60948bde2a72906c2c6172fd7bc5feb6d9
(cherry picked from commit c14f262876818498b3ca77f1d6df9d4fb7e77b1c)
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