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#include "AsfParserDefs.h"
class AsfSimpleIndexParser {
AsfSimpleIndexInfo* getIndexInfo() const;
// buffer must contain a complete simple index object
int parse(uint8_t *buffer, uint32_t size);
// seek to the closest previous or next sync packet. time stamp is in 100-nanosecond units
int seek(uint64_t seekTime, bool nextSync, uint32_t& packetNumber, uint64_t& targetTime);
// return maximum video packet count per object, readable when simple index object is parsed.
// If simple index object is not parsed or is not available, 0 is returned
uint32_t getMaximumPacketCount();
void resetIndexInfo();
enum {
// 4 bytes of "packet number" plus 2 bytes of "packet count"
AsfSimpleIndexInfo *mIndexInfo;