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#include <stdint.h>
/* This structure is used by first pass parsing(sc detect), the pm passes information on number of bytes
that needs to be parsed and if start code found then sc_end_pos contains the index of last sc code byte
in the current buffer */
typedef struct
uint32_t size; /* size pointed to by buf */
uint8_t *buf; /* ptr to data */
int32_t sc_end_pos; /* return value end position of sc */
uint32_t phase; /* phase information(state) for sc */
} viddec_sc_parse_cubby_cxt_t;
typedef struct
uint16_t next_sc;
uint8_t second_scprfx_length;
uint8_t first_sc_detect;
} viddec_sc_prefix_state_t;
uint32_t viddec_parse_sc(void *in, void *pcxt, void *sc_state);